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Nigerian romantic scams aimed at duping lovers victims

...Is on the rise and as always is initiated by the scammer through email, or through dating/social websites. The scammer will pretend to be an attractive member of the opposite sex and will typically provide the victim fake photos. This is what is often referred to as a `long con` meaning for it to be truly successful it is done over a much larger time span that the other... nigerian romantic scams aimed at duping lovers victims

Common internet scams and how to avoid them

...Victim to them by learning to recognize their common red flags. The Nigerian Scam – Also known as a 419 scam, Nigerian scams offer targets a portion of the email sender’s inheritance in exchange for help claiming the money from a foreign government. Early versions of this email usually cited Nigeria as the country where the money was... common internet scams and how to avoid them

Appetite loss in elderly people

...At about the age of 65, many people lose some sense of taste and smell, and their appetite suffers. Try stimulating it with a variety of strongly flavoured foods, such as curry or chili con carne. Vary the... appetite loss in elderly people

Tips for singles on how to avoid being trapped online scams

...Local newspapers that I read have reported that millions have been lost online and many of these people who fall for these scams have been left broke or lost their life savings. I understand the situation perfectly as I have personally experienced these scams first-hand while looking for someone special... tips for singles on how to avoid being trapped online scams

Top 10 country artists ever

...The top 10 country artists ever have created true American popular art, the kind of songs that define what it is to be American, and all of the struggles and triumphs that go along with it. Songs of love, God, murder, drinking, fighting; these are the... top 10 country artists ever

He/she talks: Mujeres de Nebaj
Dicen que putas de nebaj es ofensivo asi que mejor "mujeres de nebaj" a y este video ya sera eliminado asi que sinfrutenllo mientras tanto.

They talk:
#1. Hola. que tristesa. y desepcion. esas mujer si que no tiene principio no tiene educacion. que berguenza. por que pone en berguenza su famili lo malo que no se puso alguna mascara para tapar la cara. y lo mas chistoso ocupo su nombre real madalena. jaj. Solo les pido a esas chicas de nebaj esas mujeres hermosas. que no cometan esa misma estupides. gracias. cuidense pueblo querido de nebaj

#2. Hey que ondas a todos los de la querida nebaj.. espero la pasen bien .. y al que puso ese video please postear el nombre de la chava o escribemela x el correo de youtube ... te le agradecere ... haaa creo que te postie un vide comment .. pasasa.. bien .. la puta se ve mas o menos hee.. pero bien podias hacer que el video sonara mas real.. pero esta bien de todos modods ... suerte .. bony7

#3. Hey tio buen ., video... haaa segui subiendo mas he ... pasala bien ... la verdad extranable las chavas de nebaj... bueno suerte de nuevo y estare al tanto de mas video.. extranable la tierra de las clavellinas tio ... la neta..

Fjp-latinamerica: Jacob Aue Sobol visits Guatemala A few years ago, Danish Magnum photojournalist Jacob Aue Sobol visited the little town of Nebaj, in rural Guatemala, for a splendid photo project with hints of curious ethnology.  This is a brief excerpt of Jacob’s personal account after living with the Gómez-Brito family for two months, via his own website: The Gomez Brito family lives in a remote area of the mountains in Guatemala near the village of Nebaj. Nebaj is part of the Ixil-triangle – an area of three towns that maintains one of the strongest indigenous cultures in Guatemala. Even though the number of natives makes out the majority of the population in the country, they are still discriminated in many ways. Most of them live in poverty and many work on farms earning a wage of 2-3 dollars a day.  In the late 1970s and 1980s, the Ixil-region was engulfed in a civil war, killing and displacing thousands of Ixil Mayans. During the war the portrayed family lost their youngest child, who died of hunger and disease when hiding in the surrounding mountains.  Today, in the very same mountains, the mother Juanita and the father Andrés live with their nine children. Unlike many other families from this area, they have succeeded in keeping the family together by working hard on their own pieces of land. From early morning to sunset the daily routine is to collect fruits and berries, cultivate the land -which mainly consist of corn and beans- and breed the animals. FJP: The photo set won 1st Prize Award, Daily Life Story, in the 2006 World Press Photo contest. You can see the rest of the pictures here. Image: Indigenous Family in Guatemala, by Jacob Aue Sobol.
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Pseud: Crafting a Future for Guatemalan Artisans The vertiginous drive to the villages of the Guatemalan highlands starts with a mountain climb, followed by trails of gnawed and pocked dirt roads that become barely passable in the rain. In one indigenous community tucked into the hillside, a flight of steep stairs drops to a house that gets electricity just a few hours a day. In one of the poorest areas of Guatemala, most of the women who make handicrafts here have never left their communities. They use the natural resources of their villages — pine needles and palm fronds, for example — to create the same beautiful and functional products that their grandmothers did. They used to sell these hand-made crafts, such as intricately woven traditional shirts called huipils and little dolls with smiling thread mouths, on the roadside. Continue reading…
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Donnie & Joe Emerson - Baby (1979)

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Baby (2012)

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Definitely procrastinating right now. Tumblr overdrive. #lastsemester #nursingschool

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Benny Bennassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) by Skrillex

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Nero - ‘Crush’ (Knife Party Remix) 

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