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Ways to teach your child the alphabet

...GameWe have probably all played this game before. Its fun for kids and can be fun for adults too. If your child is young you can just play a simple game. Start with the letter A. ?A is for apple?, ?B is for banana?, ?C is for cat?, and continue on with all the letters. If your child is older you can play the game with a theme. For example, play lets do the alphabet game with fruit... ways to teach your child the alphabet

Tips for new facebook parents

...E-mail address or an e-mail address that you both have access to. This way, you will see friend requests as they come in and any other notifications like tags (your child's name) in posts or photos. You will also know if your child tries to change the password!Quality not quantityWhen younger kids... tips for new facebook parents

Sexy, steamy romantic ideas

...Shoot" Write them a steamy email, describing what you want to do with them, but don't finish-- leave "to be continued the next time we meet" Take a bubble bath - together Sneak into a hotel to use the pool or spa together Kiss and make out,... sexy, steamy romantic ideas

Hot nude italian models

...Cousin Francesca, Giorgia was also a former competitor in “Miss World” and also posed nude in various photo shoots for underwear advertising and in “Max Magazine.” Manuela Arcuri. Watch out for this black belt in karate and Italian sex figure. She’s filled the tabloids because of her scandalous relationships with various celebrities... hot nude italian models

Mother day crafts for toddlers

...To treasure this unique keepsake. Framed art- For a quick and easy Mother's Day craft just purchase a picture frame with a plain photo mat. Then, have your toddler draw a picture on the mat using crayons or markers. Once your toddler is satisfied with his masterpiece, place it back... mother day crafts for toddlers

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