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Amoore_86: 6 can't come fast enough!

Roxaneunc: cwillardson sorry Collin, I can only go online from the Apple store in the station... FA cup is here. Should stay until 6. Line goes fast

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Fikret talk: Lityum bataryaları %0 olana kadar bekletmek ve öyle şarj etmek, sanıldığının aksine bataryanın ömrünü uzatmıyor, kısaltıyormuş. Bataryadaki enerjiyi 100 defa tamamen boşalttıktan sonra şarj etmek, kapasitesinin %70-80'ini öldürüyormuş. Ayrıca lityum bataryaların kullanım ömürleri üretildiği gün başlıyormuş bugunneogrendim
They talk: ha bu yüzden, laptoplarda falan DC güç adaptörüne bağlıyken bataryayı çıkartırsan bataryanın ömrü uzar olayı bir efsanedir tamamen. 2 yıllık ömrü içerisinde hiçbir fark oluşacağını düşünmüyorum, üstelik bataryayı her zaman optimum bir şarjda tuttuğu için ömrü uzatabilir ama yamuluyor olmayayım.
ben de işte bataryayı tamamen bitirip şarj edersen ömrü uzar efsanesinden yola çıkarak araştırayım dedim ve bu bilgilere ulaştım. kahrolsun şehir efsaneleri
sürekli prizde kullanmaya gerek yok, bataryanın tüm enerjisini tüketme diyorlar. Zaten mümkün de değilmiş sıfırlamak walt'un yaptığı açıklamaya göre.
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pepsi talk: ...
They talk: "book claims Bill Clinton's steamy phone sex calls with Monica were intercepted by sia and the UK anded in a 'blackmail' attempt by Israeli Prime Minister"
You will notice that mcjew's biggest fear is a fully awake American public who realizes a majority of Jews are Jewish nationalists, and that prejudice against the tribe is well merited. This is very differentom hating all Jews, but sean will always try to paint it as such. So too perhaps will the mondojews.
and even danaa is t waiting for more mondojews to show up oniendfeed, she's not exactly trying to wake up the goyimom her unique and effective former-insider perspective.
one of my big pet peeves is when mondoweiss talks about the media "turning" or "changing" or otherwise being somehow independentom the Israel Lobby.
by suggesting that the media is vaguely independent and changing, they repress efforts to actually change it.
I think that the inner circle conversations of Jews may say 'if you say this out loud - pograms(!) areing for all'. It's a loop that they are too stupid to figure out. They all hunker down bece their leadership is great at exerting control over their flock. And many of them parrot what the leaders will say. If 200 Jewish children were killed in this war (like the current Gaza children death toll) it would be the biggest deal for all the Pro Israel Jews. Once they start to see Jews dying and losing, many of the sheepish ones start to panic (like Jerome Slater,etc.) , getting erratic and coo-coo.
I can see where you criticized Sean for a while, all the things he was saying to you, todd, etc, but he seems to have adapted more. He seems to want to keep it politically correct as much as possible on his site. I can't fault him, and it's obvily less p.c. here. But I see you go in and take shots at him and then he deletes it. Why bother with this stuff?
'mondoweiss talks about the media "turning" or "changing" or otherwise being somehow independentom the Israel Lobby' Israel ising apart at the seams with their racism. Too bad the media is a smokescreen for what they are doing. MW often packages this stuff so it's palpable to Jewish people in their endless quest to have Zionists and Non Zios diss the 'wars of ideas' in the middle East.
"But I see you go in and take shots at him and then he deletes it. Why bother with this stuff?" Is someone posting on his site with my name? There may be some crossover with Eric Logan's posts, which appear on my home feed, but that should be it. I don't post on his site. Why would I? There will never be any realmon ground between. I do refer to him and Danaa as Ignat and Myrna, but I mean that as a joke.
"Ignat and myrna. What does that.mean?" They are two charactersom the book "Confederacy of Dunces" that remind me of Sean and Danaa. Ignat is an overblown Irish Catholic who is also an ineffectual intellectual, and Myrna is the Jewish activist giriend who enables and hes him along.
oh. I always see the reference but never got it. Also I added eric logan recently and have made somements on his feed. He doesn't seem to understand much about the mid east. Maybe he'll learn, hopefully he'll learn.
"oh. I always see the reference but never got it." Here;s a picture: ...
"He doesn't seem to understand much about the mid east. Maybe he'll learn, hopefully he'll learn." Chu, I first came across Eric in a dission of local issues, I think. I haven't had any real exchanges with him, but he is the type of person that many would falsely call a CZ. He seems to be typical of southern Protestants in his likely shallow support for Israel. Israel t isn't his big concern. He's obvily not the toothless, uneducated zealot that some people give his type credit for being. He's also not the type that drives the agenda, and people like Eric far outnumber true CZs.
I agree. I t don't think he knows much about theplexities we have slogged through to know what we know. He seems to see people in birqas as the problem. Pretty easy to agree with if you listened to mainstream news over after 9-11.
Ah yes, the mainstream news. Tomorrow PWeiss will humblebrag about all the Jewish bias on NPR, which he will listen to all day long.
"I agree. I t don't think he knows much about theplexities we have slogged through to know what we know..." I think a video clip like Abunimeh's destruction of Goldberg is t what Americans need. When Americans see that people like Goldberg are what's behind the curtain, I think opinions can quickly change. Goldberg came across aspletely unimpressive and a thoroughly ugly character, and it had nothing to do with his looks and stature.
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