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Best facebook tips

...Facebook tips are here to help you make the best of your time on the social networking website. Facebook has grown from a site for college students to a site for everyone from teens on up. Along... best facebook tips

Permanently delete facebook account

...Many people have asked how to permanently delete Facebook profiles. In most cases, Facebook saves account information even after you have deactivated your profile. The information is taken off line, but still maintained by Facebook.    Deactivate... permanently delete facebook account

Socially engineered phishing attacks on facebook

...Phishing attacks are one of the most common scams on Facebook. The goal of these scams is to obtain your Facebook user name and password. If successful, the scammers can totally take over your Facebook account and use it to spread... socially engineered phishing attacks on facebook

Unfriend people on facebook

...How do you unfriend people on Facebook? So you’ve experienced the joy that is Facebook, but you have some accounts that you’re getting tired of seeing and are looking to start unfriending people on Facebook, but don’t know how. It’s a pretty easy... unfriend people on facebook

Find people on facebook

...Many people's first goal upon making a Facebook account is to find people on Facebook. There are a number of ways to search for and find people on Facebook to increase your list of friend's and to connect with other Facebook users. Use this guide to easily find people on... find people on facebook

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He/she talks: In Virus Hunt, Saudi Arabia Suspects African Camel Imports

Saudi Arabia suspects a virus that has killed hundreds of people there may have arrived in camels from the Horn of Africa, and could ban such imports until it knows more, the kingdom's chief scientist told Reuters. Any ban on the camel trade with the region would badly hurt the already fragile economy of Somalia, which is a major livestock exporter to Saudi Arabia.

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