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Delete photos on facebook

...You posted some racy pictures of yourself and some friends, and you need to learn about how do you delete photos on Facebook. If you were drunk or otherwise impaired and posted some questionable photos on Facebook, you can remove them. That's not to say that someone might not have copied them while they were still up on... delete photos on facebook

Get on facebook when it's blocked

...You can get on Facebook even if it's blocked. Schools and corporations block Facebook from their computers to keep you focused and working. But you know better, don't you? How dare they attempt to keep you from your Facebook. Luckily, like anything on the internet, there's a way to... get on facebook when it's blocked

Use templates to create designer facebook pages

...Go creatively wild with your social networking when you use Facebook Templates to create designer Facebook pages.  This new application of web content technology is exciting for users and pleasing for... use templates to create designer facebook pages

Promote home business through facebook

...Now a days home business is one of the most effective and low budget business with extra profits. Well, now you have the option to promote your own home business through Facebook. Using the Facebook platform for your needs, Since, it has become world's largest social networking platform. So, now the... promote home business through facebook

Tips for new facebook parents

...If you are not a Facebook user yourself, it's easy to be blindsided by a sudden request for an account from your child. A flat refusal might work for a while, but with over 70 percent of teens... tips for new facebook parents

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