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He/she talks: Kooshin with Tichaona Maredza 01

Kooshin is one of the most popular performers of traditional Somali music. He is a master of the kaban (oud) and plays other instruments including the guitar, keyboards and drums. Kooshin composes and arranges his own songs and has recorded many cassettes and cds over the past fifteen years. Singing in a various languages including Somali and Arabic, Kooshin has performed in the Somali communities’ traditional ceremonies, weddings and events in Canada and the U.S., Europe and Middle East. Kooshin has performed with many of the legendary Somalian artists and played kaban on the song Hoobale for K’naan’s award winning album, The Dusty Foot Philosopher. Kooshin is a member of Okavango African Orchestra and has performed at Glenn Gould Studio, Harbourfront Centre, Lula Lounge, Afrofest, Gladstone Hotel and Café Campus for a showcase at the Mundial Montreal Conference.

Swooping down from the vast Zimbabwean plains, Tichaona Daniel Maredza, a guitar in one hand, a drum in the other, and an mbira in his teeth, arrived in Toronto in 2008. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, he quickly formed a group in December 2009 called the Tich Maredza Band. Tichaona's music, while rooted in Zimbabwean traditional styles, has a contemporary flair with vital drive and melodic intelligence. Narrated and sung in Shona and English, his music chronicles the struggles and triumphs of his journey, in music and life. While presently working on honing material for a new album entitled The Journey, Tichaona has released two previous albums, Eternity Music Volume One, recorded in Australia, and Ndinzweiwo, recorded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Tichaona has shared the stage with and opened for Oliver Mtukudzi and the late Samson Mtukudzi several times in the U.S. and Canada. He draws inspiration from their leadership and music.

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