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Same sex marriage

...Same-sex marriage is one of the principles that LGBT activists feel strongly about. This would provide same-sex couples equal rights to those of heterosexual couples, especially on the issue of adoption and insurance. However, most countries around the world do not recognize or perform such unions.But some countries recognize same-sex... same sex marriage

Health benefits of papaya fruit

...Health benefits Christopher Columbus has given it the name of being fruit of angels. There are several names given to Papaya which include Pawpaw, Papaw and Tree Melon in several areas where it is produced some of which are found to be Mexico, Puerto Rico and Hawaii in US. Like it is known that this... health benefits of papaya fruit

7 gratitude secrets every pessimist should know

...It’s today.  The economy is terrible, gas prices are insane, and natural disasters seem to be increasing exponentially every year. There’s plenty of uncertainty in the air these days, so in order to not be disappointed or let down, we assume the worst. It’s good not to give your hopes up, right? Better to... 7 gratitude secrets every pessimist should know

Seven continents of the world

...The seven continents of the world each have their own identities, as all are different in many ways. These differences range between geographical features, people who live on them, their physical size and the area in which... seven continents of the world

Best inexpensive travel destinations

...Hungary. Depending on what time of year you visit, Hungary can be very inexpensive. During the fall is usually the best time to visit because summer is winding down and there are fewer tourists. The fewer the... best inexpensive travel destinations

He/she talks: Hijab tutorial - Hijab Pasmina 4 step by #ziziosashion

Outfit of The Day #OOTD
complete video Hijab :
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Puput Utami, hijabis satu ini gaj kalah dengan hijabis- hijabis lain tetap eksis walaupun lagi sibuk ngerjakan tesis. Puput Utami yang kali ini lagi ketagihan warna orange, lewat blog nya Puput bulan ini ulang tahun tapi tidak di seb utkan ulang tahun yang keberapa?. Hijabers cantik ini juga memiliki segudang aktifitas selain kuliah, dara cantik pemilik blog ini juga bekerja.
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