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Understanding types of businesses

...Liable up to their entire personal investment in the business. The responsibilities of each partner and their right to profits vary, as they are determined by the document drawn up during this type of business’ formation. Limited Liability Companies. When thinking of this type of business,... understanding types of businesses

Tips on how to find job on internet

...The web: Job websites are useful tools for job seekers for several reasons. On top of helping job seekers find work, they can also help them connect with employers. If you find a listing where you’re overqualified, you can contact the employer and ask them if a position that fits your needs is available. Proofread: If you are sending an... tips on how to find job on internet

Job search websites how craigslist differs from the others

...50 different companies, you haven't even gotten so much as a bite on a potential lead?? It has nothing to do with your lack of qualifications; this is just the way the job market is. Employers all around the country are now going by the "it's not what you know, but who you know" approach to hiring candidates. No matter what big city you're searching in, employers are... job search websites how craigslist differs from the others

Encourage employee excellence

...Helping employees reach high levels of achievement can result in bonuses for them and a payoff for the company, too. Some employers are so busy checking up on staff members' whereabouts and performance that they have no time to encourage, recognize, and reward employees' excellence on the job.... encourage employee excellence

Rv’ers with motorcycle accommodations

...Is to provide the best possible product at a reasonable price. Also, they back up the commitment by including liability insurance. So if you are going to make a claim as to the quality, durability and workmanship of a product the company with this reputation is... rv?ers with motorcycle accommodations

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California: Dual Employment and the Six-Month Employment Requirement - WCAB protects temporary and leased employeesom shifting general and special employers who could game the system to avoid potential liability...In Martinez v. Mass Precision, 2014 Cal. Wrk.p. P.D. LEXIS 

Investopedia: Employer&39;s Liability Insurance - A product for employers that protects themom major financial loss if a worker experiences a job-related injury or illness that workerspensation doesn’t cover. 

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Denver Workers Compensation Lawyer | 1-855-981-0505 When an individual is injured while on the job at a compa...

I am 32 have two kids and a wife. For all intents and purposes a happy family. 6 years ago I sustained a herniated disc between my l-1, and my l-2 veterbrae. The company managed to fire me and escape paying for my treatment. Essentially played me for the fool. I want even able to sue them cause I made the mistake of trusting them and didn't get the proper paper work, basically they led and got away with it. I have lost four different jobs since then as a result of the injury. Most recently I was fired from my most current employer. And while working there I had several injuried to my neck that happened very gradually. So I never filled them under workers comp. Cause I was afraid I would lose my job as before. When I did file an injury report when I re-injured my lower back even worse this time. They fired me they said f or attendance. Yet everyday I missed last year was a Dr excused absence. Things like this happen s lot. This company has decided to accept their responsibility and is covering my injury. And that is good. But I still don't have a job. And with these types of injuries getting a job is infinitly harder than you can imagine. I would like to know if laws protect these types of huge companies screwing over the little people. Or if I have some sort of entitlement to monatary compensation since the injury hasn't crippled me. But employers will not hire me cause if I re-injure it the cost is astronomical to them. Sadly these injuries came about because I worked as hard as I could trying to make that company money. Companies need to be held more accountable for what happens to those who are injured working to fill their pockets with money. I worked for them all through 2013 in undescribable pain in my neck. Never saying a word afraid of getting fired. And recently found out I have two herniated disc around the middle of my cervical spine (neck) and that those two disc are pinching a nerve. Causing my arms to hurt extremely bad and causing my arms to go complete numb if I turn my neck to fast. A very dangerous injury. I did it eorking for them but never filed the injury.

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  Project Management Companion at Costs of Workplace Illness & Injuries By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B A few years ago, during a refinery startup after a shutdown, they had an explosion killing 15 people and injuring over 170. The refinery was fined $96 million dollars and it caused $50 million in damages. They accepted responsibility and paid out over $1.6 billion in compensation. This is an extreme case, however, there is a cost to workplace illness and injuries and I want to go over them with you. While I am talking about them, think of your own situation and what would happen should you get seriously injured. Also keep in mind that what would affect you has the same affect on others. If your project is behind schedule, there can be a lot of pressure from management to get the equipment on line and make product. This is not the time to be taking shortcuts and doing unsafe acts. Management have to realize that it is going to take what it takes to get the equipment running in a safe manner. You need to be vigilant to safety issues and impress upon others the need for safe practices. The Cost The first issue is the training cost of replacement workers. The more knowledge and experience the harder it is to replace the person. We talk about Operators being involved in startup and the knowledge and experience they acquire. One accident and all this could be wiped out. You can not just bring in a green person and turn them loose. It can take months to get people up to speed and several years to get them to a point where they can really understand the process. In the incident noted above it will take a long time for the company to recover from this accident. It is important for you to take the necessary steps to protect the workers. There is damage to equipment, property, or product. In the above incident, the refinery had $50 million in equipment damage. Think of the pumps, pressure vessels, exchangers, piping, electrical and instrumentation that has to be replaced. Some equipment is no problem, while others can be a big issue. If you have housing around the facility, you could end up with shrapnel falling on private property. As well, a lot of facilities have dangerous chemicals that can be released into the atmosphere. I worked in one facility where we were offloading liquid chlorine. The pump failed and chlorine gas was released. Fortunately, no one on site nor in the surrounding community was injured. When your facility or equipment is out of service, then other workers are down as well. If it is a long term issue, what happens to the other employees? More than likely, they will be unemployed. Downtime also affects the surrounding community as there is less money to spend. This can affect the employment with contractors, stores, service industries and others. For any injury, there are reports that need to be filled out. The more serious the injury, the more paper work required. It will require accident investigations. All this takes people and money away from other work that could be done. For the above noted accident, there was a panel formed to investigate what happened and write a report with recommendations. This took about two years to complete and the recommendations resulted in more paperwork at the operating level. When your company has a reportable injury, your Workers Compensation insurance premiums increase. This costs your business more and this cost will be reflected in the price of your product. Some companies track safety using the Experience Modification Rate or the EMR. This is a number used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. The lower your EMR means the lower your worker compensation premiums will be. An EMR of 1.0 is considered the industry average. An EMR of 1.2 would mean that insurance premiums could be as high as 20% more. That 20% more must be passed on through your product. With some facilities, if you don’t have an EMR of 1.0, you can’t work in the facility. Keep in mind, that although you have a contractor on site now with an EMR of 1.0, this could change through injuries somewhere else or they are bought out by someone with a different EMR. You need to keep your ear to the ground all the time. When accidents happen, there is an impact on employee morale and productivity. Employees, start to wonder just how safe is the workplace. If the workplace has had numerous injuries, the employees will be constantly complaining about safety and not paying attention to productivity.  When the employees know that management is concerned about their safety, they will be more productive. If there is an accident or injury, the equipment or facility could be shut down for a length of time. If the injury is serious, the government will shut down the facility until management can prove the facility is safe to operate again. This causes problems in trying to meet supply contracts  and service agreements. The contracts have to be filled and the company will have to buy product on the open market to fill these contracts. If you are a service company and your EMR goes bad, how do you fill your service agreements if you are not allowed on site? This could have a devastating effect on the financial health of your company. Accidents also have an impact on the companies reputation. No company wants to be on the five o’clock news or be known as an unsafe company. If you are noted as an unsafe company, the government may start passing additional regulations affecting your industry. Right now, in 2014, there is a lot of oil being shipped by rail. Because of recent derailments and fires, the government is passing regulations on how the rail industry needs to handle trains hauling hazardous chemicals. If you look through your local workers compensation branch newsletters, you will find in the back several pages of prosecutions and fines that have taken place for various accidents and injuries. Some of the finds can be quite hefty, and these fines are passed on through the cost of your product. As well, management can be prosecuted, including yourself, if you are found at fault. Therefore, you have to do your due diligence, to protect yourself and your company. If you were in an accident, and lost a limb, just think of the impactthat would have on your life. How would it affect your family? Your recreational activities may disappear from your life. In some cases the impact can be devastating. Even simple accidents can have an affect on your health many years hence. You should insist that your workers report any accident, as the affects could show up years later. One of my sons, then in his 20’s, fell down a set of stairs while out with his friends. There was no serious damage and he shrugged it off. He’s now in his 40’s and paying for it. The doctors are attributing his headaches and back pain to that fall over 20 years ago. They can alleviate some of the pain but not all of it. This is affecting his work and quality of life. Thanks to ProjectConnections

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Breaking Through The Language Barrier In A Globalized Workplace Increased globalization has created countless opportunities for corporations, business managers, employees, members of the military, and others to interact across cultural boundaries as never before.  Thanks to technology, boundaries between cultures and countries have become somewhat diminished and the world has become a smaller place. Coupled with the influx of immigrants entering the United States who are beginning new chapters in their lives, our nation has become an even greater melting pot than it was at the beginning of the 20th century and is actually now more of a mosaic, because immigrants now keep their background and native culture far more than our forbearers did. But with new opportunities and a changing global environment there is often confusion and difficulty in communication and comprehension between social groups, resulting in a lack of productivity, effectiveness, and in some cases —a negative effect on proper healthcare and safety issues. Chances are most of us will have to communicate, either for business or pleasure, with someone who either does not speak English or has a heavy accent. So how do we break down that barrier to effectively communicate in order for business to run effectively, reduce costly errors, build relationships, and increase productivity? According to Sharlene Vichness, President and Founder of Language Directions, (, a language training company specializing in instructional programs for corporations, non-profits, small businesses and the U.S. military, “In order to work and live cohesively in this new environment, businesses and individuals must not only communicate successfully through proper use of language skills and accent reduction, but must also have an understanding of the various cultures and country of origin of the people they may be working with.” Language barriers and cultural understanding can be overcome and can change the way business, government and non-profits manage, how they attract the right employees, and keep harmony in the workplace.  Some key findings of interest for both employers and employees: For employees 1). A higher degree of expressed self-confidence, increased clarity and comfort when speaking English has a noticeably positive effect on the foreign-born employee’s internal and external customers. 2). Employees have a better understanding of the required and expected communications with their bosses and co-workers. 3). By improving their command of essential English skills necessary for their jobs, employees can realize an ability to move up to positions with more responsibility, a higher level of required skill, and improved compensation. 4). Employees learn they will not jeopardize their jobs by asking questions to improve their understanding to reduce errors and ensure safety. For employers: 1). Employers enjoy cost savings with a reduction in errors caused by misunderstandings and miscommunication originating from language and cultural difference. 2). A more productive workplace emerges when multiple cultures working within that workplace have better relations and improved communication.  Improvement in English skills fosters the development of a common language at work and fewer silos based on language differences. 3). Privacy issues can be dramatically reduced when employee and employer can communicate directly without a peer translator in disciplinary and personnel issues. 4). Employees with limited or no English skills can be trained in essential skills or behaviors (supervisory training, sexual harassment prevention, safety) in their own language to improve productivity, avoid litigation, and maximize their value to the organization or company. Productivity and keeping the bottom line moving upward are strongly tied to good communication and having an understanding of the cultures and languages that are part of our world today,” Vichness continues. “But the real bottom line is that improved communication skills help foster an improved workplace environment for all.” About Language Directions: Language Directions is a full service language training company specializing in customized short and long-term instructional programs, offering all levels of training support such as American English as a Second Language (ESL), Accent Reduction, Spanish At Work, Food & Alcohol Safety (ServSafe®) and other industry compliance issues that require effective communication. Through strategic partnerships with prime contractors, Language Directions delivers language and cultural training to the U.S. military. Instruction is designed to meet corporate or individual requirements to help busy working individuals to deal with language challenges and cultural concerns. Instruction is offered on-site in businesses or associations with flexible scheduling for client convenience.

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