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Tips finding your dream job

...Their industry. Who knows these people might just come up with the right job openings for you. Courses How do you show your prospective employers that you are interested in that job when you don't even have any experience or background in that field? One way that you could help yourself is to get yourself enrolled... tips finding your dream job

Job search websites how craigslist differs from the others

...Even gotten so much as a bite on a potential lead?? It has nothing to do with your lack of qualifications; this is just the way the job market is. Employers all around the country are now going by the "it's not what you know, but who you know" approach to hiring candidates. No matter what... job search websites how craigslist differs from the others

Rv’ers with motorcycle accommodations

...RV parks and resorts with users of like products. Their statement of commitment is to provide the best possible product at a reasonable price. Also, they back up the commitment by including liability insurance. So if you are going to make a claim as to the quality, durability and workmanship of a product the company with this reputation is a winner and certainly stands out amongst... rv?ers with motorcycle accommodations

Understanding types of businesses

...Are liable up to their entire personal investment in the business. The responsibilities of each partner and their right to profits vary, as they are determined by the document drawn up during this type of business’ formation. Limited Liability Companies. When thinking of this type of business, it’s... understanding types of businesses

Starting your own business can be exciting if you know how to survive financially

...Business.   It is not necessary to pay yourself a high base salary to experience the positive aspects of business ownership. As an entrepreneur, you have other compensation options available to you that effectively increase your income without consistently drawing from the revenue of your business. A high-quality healthcare plan is... starting your own business can be exciting if you know how to survive financially

He/she talks: Walmart Nightmare! Injured Worker Speaks Out Against Walmart's Crimes
At the November 23, 2012 national Black Friday at WalMarts around the country an injured worker at he Richmond Walmart spoke out about her injuries and the h...

They talk:
#1. The locking people in is true. There was a tornado alarm which went off here in Columbia Kentucky and the people who were in Wal-Mart at the time were literally forced to go in the basement by the security people. After they were forced in the basement then Wal-Mart refused to open the doors for several hours. It really pissed off alot of people. No tornado just an alarm but Wal-Mart acted real controlling and many people thought they were being held against their will. 

#2. This lady is just a dumb ass. Everything that she said apart from the hvac being controlled from Bentonville is a complete lie. I'm sure some of these things happen from time to time due to poor management. But most of this is basic work. I'm sorry it's not easy. But it's work

#3. Why is everyone acting like every single walmart is horrible? I work at walmart and the Employee's are great, we have forklifts and other machines to help out so we dont injure ourselves. We have a manager present at all times. forgot to mention i work overnights but there is no difference in the shitfs inside isnt hot either, and everyone is treated good here. just thought i'd point some things out. not every walmart is bad

#4. Thoughts and prayers go out to the 120 plus people who lost their lives to the capitalistic disease of greed and gluttony in the clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh…”my heart cries for your today.” - Vivian

#5. You are so right, lady! Ohhhhh, and to answer about the raises. They only give you 40 to 50cent raises once per year nothing significant and to get 50 cents you have to do 200% job rate to get it. I only got 40 cents per year through the 10 years I was there and only make 10.70 per hour. The pay sucks.

#6. I stocked the Wal-Mart shelves with every night and how the smells of the dye on the cloth items made me feel sick, with every night resulting to me blowing out of my nose a lot of strange black lint with burning nasal pain…


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