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...Been named in the policy for liability in the case of an accident that involves an insured person or vehicle. Usually lien holders or a company leasing out vehicles for their employers are additional interest insured. Anti-Theft Device: A device that can prevent vehicle theft. Some anti-theft devices can track and recover a vehicle... car insurance terms & definitions for dummies

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Are Sociopaths Outfoxing the Government and Their Employees? It's clear to me, without strong unions, the sociopaths are ripping off tax dollars 24 x 7, worsening income inequality, and hurting every American. “So we the taxpayers are paying the tax cheaters who are exploiting their workers and stealing work from law-abiding employers?” said Matt Capece, a lawyer with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, after reviewing payroll records collected by McClatchy. “No wonder the bad guys are running roughshod over the industry,” he said. What is the problem? Intentional Job Misclassification: Federal contractors labeling every employee as "independent contractors", skirting the common taxes relative to employees, such as income tax, SSI, worker's compensation, and so forth. Not only is this sociopathic behavior shrinking tax liabilities and hurting employees, it has created unfair competition with federal jobs being handed over to the thieves due to low bids while law-abiding contractors lose bids in one town after the other. CONTRACT TO CHEAT Workers don't have protections. Companies don't withhold taxes. Regulators don't seem to care. McClatchy reporters spent a year unraveling the scheme, using little-noticed payroll records that show how widespread this practice has become and what it costs us. Misclassification isn’t news to Washington officials. For at least a decade, administrations agreed on this much: It’s a big deal with severe consequences. But no one in Washington is willing to take the blame for its prevalence. In 2009, the Government Accountability Office issued a report on misclassification, criticizing the Department of Labor and the IRS for failing to coordinate and find violators. It even identified federal contracts as a potential magnet for companies that misclassify. The Labor Department and the IRS agreed to explore ways to share information more often, but agency barriers remain, several former employees say. Labor officials are told how to refer cases of misclassification to the IRS, but nothing requires that they do, labor officials said. And a major blind spot remains on federal contracts, said Jacque Riordon, a former IRS assistant special agent in charge of the Denver field office. The reason is simple. No one specifically directs federal agencies to watch out for companies skirting labor laws by treating employees as contractors, Riordon said. “You would think that common sense would lead you to believe . . . it should be done, but it’s not what happens,” Riordon said. Investigators under several administrations have tried but failed to weed out misclassification. Efforts by Wage and Hour Division investigators have waned and waxed with administrations. Investigations dropped dramatically from 49,521 a year in the middle of the Clinton administration to 25,852 on the eve of the recession and Obama’s election. They’ve slowly increased since 2010, and last year a team of a thousand investigators completed 33,146 probes into labor law violations. From 2010 through 2013, labor officials say, they recovered $23.6 million in back wages for nearly 27,000 employees classified as independent contractors in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. David Weil, an economist who’s the new head of the Wage and Hour Division at the U.S. Department of Labor, knows investigators face a major battle. “In some industries, it starts becoming practice as more and more people are playing the game,” Weil said in an interview this summer. “Getting that back in the bottle, I think, is a tough thing. You have got to be strategic about it.” Weil wrote a report for the Department of Labor in 2010 in which he detailed ways to spot scofflaws. He said investigators needed to target troubled industries more intensely and to go after companies that hired middlemen to obtain misclassified workers. Weil said his agency must, however, be able to rely on investigators in other federal agencies to detect and address the problem. #CommercialSociopaths  

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Louisiana Personal Injury Laws Premises Liability Cases in Louisiana: #Louisiana wants to make sure people who use other people's property are safe. A Louisiana personal injury lawyer can bring a claim if a property owner actually knew or should have reasonably known of a property defect, the property owner failed to take corrective measures and the victim didn't reasonably know of the defect. Sometimes non-property owners such as maintenance crews can be sued too. Common injuries include broken bones and bruises because people slip and fall. Other claims include dog bites and attacks because the property owner didn't provide proper security. Property owners include retail stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, hospitals and even homeowners. Product Defect Lawsuits in Louisiana: The Louisiana Products Liability Act (Title 9; 2800.51 and subsequent statutes) protects consumers who are injured or die from a defect in a consumer product. Common examples include seat belts that don't work in vehicles, medications that don't work properly, electrical appliances that malfunction and toys that harm children. There are a full range of products that malfunction. Generally, products don't work because of a design or manufacturing defect, an improper assembly or poor instructions. Sometimes a product doesn't comply with the warranties. Typical defendants include the designer, manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer. If you've been harmed by a defective product, a Louisiana personal injury lawyer can help you get a just recovery. Louisiana Elder Abuse: Abuse of the elderly can come about in many ways. There may be physical abuse. Bedsores, malnutrition and physical restraints are signs of physical abuse. There may be emotional abuse. Isolation and a lack of communication are signs of emotional abuse. There can be financial abuse. Improper charges are one of the signs of financial abuse. There can also, sadly, be sexual abuse. Louisiana nursing homes are required to comply with federal and state nursing home laws. Patients do have rights. If you suspect an older relative or friend is being abuse, contact a Louisiana personal injury attorney. The attorney will work to prevent the abuse from continuing, to get compensation for the abuse and to prevent others from being harmed too. Wrongful Death and Survival Claims in Louisiana: Louisiana Civil Codes 2315.1 and 2315.2 are two key laws that allow the personal representative of a decedent's estate the right to bring a survival action and a wrongful death action. The differences between the claims is tricky. It's one of the many reasons, it's wise to consult with an experienced Louisiana personal injury lawyer if someone dies through the fault of another. Survival claims generally look to the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering of the person who died – up to the time he/she passed away. Wrongful death claims are brought on behalf of specific families (spouses and children first; then, possibly, parents, siblings and other relatives). Wrongful death damages look to place a figure on the monetary and emotional support the deceased person would have provided his/her family. Louisiana Workers' Compensation: Title 23 (Labor and Workers' Compensation) of the Louisiana statutes sets forth many of the laws that govern employees and employers including the Worker's Compensation Law. Employees are entitled to receive 2/3 of lost wages up to a preset number of weeks or up to the time an employee can return to work. The employee should also get medical benefits though the employee may have to see the company's doctors. A Louisiana personal injury lawyer who does worker's compensation matters will explain that the employee doesn't have to prove fault. The employee does need to show a workplace accident caused the injuries or workplace conditions caused an occupational illness. In severe disability cases, claimants may be entitled to additional benefits. Accident Laws in Louisiana: Deadlines: Claims must be brought within specific deadlines or the claim will be barred. A Louisiana personal injury attorney will know the deadlines that apply for your type of case. Comparative negligence. Louisiana will figure the percentage of fault caused by each party. Plaintiffs will see their damage award reduced by their fault percentage. Ex., if a plaintiff is 40% at fault, the plaintiff will be allowed to recover 60 (100-40)% of the damage award. Read More Here: #PersonalInjury #AutoAccident #CarAccident #InjuryLawyer #InjuryAttorney #PersonalInjuryAttorney #PersonalInjuryLawyer 

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Georgia Personal Injury Laws According to the Augusta Chronicle (7/8/2013) as much as 84% of elder abuse is not reported. Because of the baby boom and because people are living longer, this percentage translates into very high numbers of elder abuse. No matter the type of injury or the type of wrong, if you've been hurt for any reason, it's wise to speak with a Georgia personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will be able to tell you if you have a viable claim and how much you might recover. Premises Liability Issues in Georgia The core Georgia laws for premises liability can be found in Title 51 (Torts), Chapter 3 (Liability of Owners and Occupiers of Lands). Georgia accident laws examine the type of person who is on the property and the reason they're on the property. Many people are considered invitees because they are literally invited onto the property for the benefit of the property owner. Common examples of invitees are shoppers at retail stores and shopping malls, people buying a meal in a restaurant or tenants in an apartment building. Some people are trespassers and have no right to be on the property of another. Other people, called licensees, have the right to be on the property but aren't there because the property owner wants them there. A common example of a licensee who is just passing through the property to get somewhere else. The duty of care changes depending on the status of the person – invitee, licensee or trespasser. The highest duty is owed to invitees. When a slip and fall occurs on a property, you're hurt on the property and you were an invitee; then a Georgia personal injury lawyer will likely bring a claim against the property owner. Other property accident claims including falling objects, negligence security and even dog bites. Product Malfunction Lawsuits in Georgia When consumers buy a product such as a car, an electrical appliance, a toy or a drug; they expect that it will work properly. When the product doesn't work properly and causes harm, then a Georgia personal injury lawyer will advise you that you may have a legal claim against the designer, manufacturer, seller and others. Product liability claims are usually based on the theory of strict liability which means the user of the product doesn't have to prove fault because the company that prepared the product is presumed to know how to prepare a safe product. Sometimes product liability cases can also be brought if there were poor instructions or warranties that were breached. Consult an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer if a product malfunctions in any way and causes you or a loved one harm. Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Cases Many elder abuse cases do get reported to appropriate state agencies who investigate the claims. But many claims do not get reported and filing a claim doesn't necessarily mean a claimant will get financial compensation. Georgia and Federal law dictate the rights of the elderly including nursing home patients. Common examples of elder abuse include physical or emotional harm, financial abuse and even sexual abuse. Some of the signs of abuse include bedsores, malnutrition, a lack of communication and suspicious account charges. If you think a family member is suffering abuse, contact a Georgia personal injury attorney to see if the family member has a legal claim and what damages can be recovered. Wrongful Death and Survival Claims in Georgia Georgia allows a personal injury lawyer, on behalf of his client(s) to bring claims for survival and wrongful death. The claims are complicated and it's best to consult with the lawyer so you know the difference between the two. Essentially, the survival action treats the decedent's claim as if he had survived the accident and pays for the conscious pain and suffering of the decedent and any medical bills and lost wages suffered before death. The wrongful death claim is brought by the personal representative on behalf of certain authorized family members. Damages are usually for the loss of economic benefit the decedent would have given the family members, the mental anguish of the family members, loss of society and services and other damages that pay the family because the decedent can no longer take care of his/her family. Title 51, Chapter 4 of the Georgia Statutes has the Georgia wrongful death law Georgia Workers' Compensation Title 34 (Labor and Industrial Relations) of the Georgia Statutes has the Georgia workers' compensation law. Employees who are injured at work or suffer a work-related illness do not need to prove their employer was at fault to get their benefits. The trade-off for not having to show fault is that a worker gets just 2/3 of his/her lost wages until he/she can return to work or, if he can't return to work - up to a preset maximum number of weeks. Medical bills that are necessary and relate to the work-injury or work-illness should be paid in full. A knowledgeable Georgia personal injury lawyer will make sure you can show you qualify and that the employer doesn't rush to force you back to work if you are medically unable to work. In severe cases where there are permanent injuries, the lawyer will work to get you additional benefits. Accident Laws in Georgia Statute of Limitations: Each type of claim in Georgia has a deadline that must be met. Claims brought after the deadline will be barred. Other types of personal injury claims: There are other types of claims you can bring in Georgia including medical malpractice, libel and slander. Punitive damages: Georgia does allow punitive damages but there are caps in some types of cases. A Georgia personal injury lawyer will explain all the relevant accident and personal injury laws. Read More Here: #PersonalInjury #AutoAccident #CarAccident #Georgia #InjuryAttorney #PersonalInjuryAttorney #PersonalInjuryLawyer 

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