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Hottest black supermodels ever

...One of the hottest black supermodels ever, she is one of the classiest and has maintained her good looks well into her 50's. Known as the hot wife of David Bowie, this native of Somalia has been modelling since the 70's. Liya Kebede has a bone structure to die for. This Ethiopian-born goddess... hottest black supermodels ever

Best acoustic guitar songs ever

...In this song, which brings the acoustic guitar riffs to the forefront of the mix. “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor. No one does acoustic guitar songs like the legendary James Taylor. His soothing voice and textured guitar work are on full display in this song, first... best acoustic guitar songs ever

Best acoustic love song

...Widely known for acoustic songs, "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is a beautiful acoustic love song. "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt A list of acoustic love songs would not be complete without including "You're Beautiful." The song is told from the view of a man who spots a beautiful woman and... best acoustic love song

Choosing babies names get it right

...And all will be wellChoose a name which will grow with the child, not something that they may grow out of. They will use the name more as an adult as a child.Write down the name to see how it balances with your surname.Consider how many other Sandra's, James' etc that you know. You might prefer... choosing babies names get it right

Best selling films

...- “Avatar” has many things going for it. The advent of 3D filmmaking made the film a curiosity. James Cameron mastered the technique like no other film before it and, as a result, people flocked to see it. It is both the domestic and worldwide best selling film of all... best selling films

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SUBSCRIBE!!! NBA News July 2013 Toronto Raptors Vs Detroit Pistons Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers Vs Minnesota Timberwolves Atlanta ...

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