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Organize your blogging: forget the “to do” list. use next actions.

...“pay bills” or “find web hosting”. I know, because that’s what I used to do. Then I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Instead of “to dos”, Allen proposes “next actions”. “Next actions” answer the... organize your blogging: forget the ?to do? list. use next actions.

Daily sex improves sperm quality

...The chances of conceiving. Daily sex was believed to reduce a man?s sperm count so some experts advised against it.Reuters reports that having daily sex is now believed to be a good thing for couples trying to conceive. A new study by Dr. David Greening of Sydney IVF (an Australian IVF clinic) disputes the idea that abstinence helps to improve male fertility and... daily sex improves sperm quality

Beautiful australian women

...Whelan. Whelan has been an actress and spokesperson in Australia for several years. She is just starting to gain some popularity in the states with her role on the final season of Scrubs. She has also worked with David Spade in a movie called "Hollywood and Wine." Nicole... beautiful australian women

How to write a limerick

...Words, you’ll want to start thinking about a funny ending for your poem. I find it’s easiest to write lines 1, 2, and 5 first, and then to fill in lines 3 and 4 afterward. For example, I decided to write a limerick about someone from Seattle, so I started it like this: A talkative man from Seattle would spend his days speaking to cattle. I then... how to write a limerick

New technology volvo embraces

...Read news, find a Volvo dealer and order a test drive. Volvo plans to launch more of these apps so this S60 app is the first of many to come. David Holecek who is responsible for Volvo Cars’ digital strategy said, “Many customers use mobile phones and Internet tablets to search for... new technology volvo embraces

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