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How to write a limerick

...About a funny ending for your poem. I find it’s easiest to write lines 1, 2, and 5 first, and then to fill in lines 3 and 4 afterward. For example, I decided to write a limerick about someone from Seattle, so I started it like this: A talkative man from Seattle would spend his days speaking to cattle. I then noticed that the word “prattle” rhymed with... how to write a limerick

English names and historic naming

...For the purposes of taxation, each was asked for two names – the given name and the surname. This is how Robert the Carpenter became Robert Carpenter, and David the Baker became David Baker. Not only were surnames derived from a person’s trade, but also by the landscape or place (i.e., Woods, Knolls, Sutton), by color (White, Green), by nicknames... english names and historic naming

Hottest black supermodels ever

...But she has a name made for the fashion industry. Iman is not only one of the hottest black supermodels ever, she is one of the classiest and has maintained her good looks well into her 50's. Known as the hot wife of David Bowie, this native of Somalia has been modelling since the 70's. Liya Kebede has a bone structure to die for. This Ethiopian-born goddess has... hottest black supermodels ever

Organize your blogging: forget the “to do” list. use next actions.

...“To do” lists don’t work because most people include “do’s” like “write a novel”, “pay bills” or “find web hosting”. I know, because that’s what I used to do. Then I read David Allen’s Getting Things... organize your blogging: forget the ?to do? list. use next actions.

Beautiful australian women

...Years. She is just starting to gain some popularity in the states with her role on the final season of Scrubs. She has also worked with David Spade in a movie called "Hollywood and Wine." Nicole Kidman. As one of the older women on the list, Nicole is still a beauty. She was first successful in... beautiful australian women

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