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Keep him interested

...Girls who know how to keep him interested are girls you should be jealous of! Sometimes it can be quite frustrating keeping a guy you like attracted and interested in you. Luckily though you can use these great tips to keep him thinking about... keep him interested

Men find attractive in women

...Many women struggle with figuring out what men find attractive. When you ask guys, they’ll always say that looks are important. Let’s be honest then girls, looks do count when it comes to attracting men… BUT (and it’s a big BUT) there is a lot more than looks if you want to... men find attractive in women

Keep your man happy

...When girls want to know the secret of how to keep your man happy, they think that the best thing to do is whatever he wants. This is completely wrong! To keep... keep your man happy

Top 10 hottest girls

...Here’s a list of the 10 hottest girls. Find out what they have been doing. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge went to Scotland recently. She was visiting the Dumfries House in Ayrshire for the opening of an outdoor centre. She was certainly looking very hot... top 10 hottest girls

Swedish girls

...Is the hype about Swedish girls really true? Are they really the hottest women on earth? Well, that's the type of question that is best argued about into the early morning accompanied by pint after pint of beer, so we'll leave that up to you. All we... swedish girls

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