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Uses of vinegar that can save you money

...Film or streaks on the glass.Cleaning woodwork:You can ease the job of washing painted walls, woodwork and blinds by using a mixture of 1 cup ammonia, cup white distilled or cider vinegar and cup baking soda with 1 gallonof warm water. Wipe this solution over walls or blinds with a sponge or cloth and rinse with clear... uses of vinegar that can save you money

How to keep lashes from clumping

...Wands online (they're called "spoolies" or at Sephora. Recycle an old mascara wand if you don't want to bother with spoolies. When you finish a mascara, clean the wand in a cap-full of eye makeup remover, then wash with soap and dry. Keep it clean by washing it whenever you wash your makeup tools.... how to keep lashes from clumping

How to stop hair fall

...May cause hair loss. Whatever may be the cause of hair fall that you might be worrying about, you can get rid of hair fall by following certain simple homemade tips. Below mentioned are some of the preventive measures that you must follow to combat hair fall issues: Hot Oil Treatments: This oil treatment will help you in getting rid of hair... how to stop hair fall

Must-have hair accessories for women

...Every woman knows that her hair is her crowning glory. Thus, it requires more than a fair bit of maintenance. But we’re not only talking about having the proper cut and style, or undergoing special treatments to keep them healthy, sleek, and looking like a million dollars. The entire look of a woman can change with the use of one or... must-have hair accessories for women

Advertising techniques – do’s, don’ts and simple tips from years of learning

...1. Internet Advertising Techniques Do understand the most powerful advertising technique on the Internet is showing up in organic search results (ideally first page, in the first three results). Do understand that is currently your best... advertising techniques ? do?s, don?ts and simple tips from years of learning

Piratecorner: Sou uma assassina! Está aí minha vítima. A peguei de surpresa e afoguei numa mistura cabulosa fatal, assisti sua morte numa mistura de orgulho diabólico e alívio. Retorceu seu corpinho vagabundo, em seguida com uma tremedeira, resistiu mais um pouquinho, mas eu com minha frieza joguei mais SBP e foi o fim dessa barata cascuda de asas u.u #tenha #medo #de #mim #badgirl u.u #sou #cruel
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Obrigada Deus pela vida que me deu ❤️:
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Quando resolvo refletir sobre minha personalidade e meu jeito de ser::



minha única conclusão:


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Eu na vida:


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Para nós que vamos fazer o ENEM: Que tenhamos bom desempenho e uma ótima prova, pois nosso futuro depende disso. Boa sorte!:
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