Public Talk: Cathy mcmorris rodgers

GoJoePakootasWA: RT KREM2: SERIOUS SEAT: Congresswoman cathymcmorris answers the tough questions from KREM2Laura WATCH…

Gordonkendall: Is Cathy McMorris Rodgers More Than a Token?

Kiphillreporter: Joe Pakootas goes on offensive in final debate against Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

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MaidNaturally: Thank you Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers for stopping by the office today. It was good to see you again...

Mattrindge: ShelbyKentStewa ShareThis Those pieces are unfortunately too few and far and in between. But I did this a while ago

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Check out this great article about the work I&39;m doing in Congress. I&39;m honored to represent you, and I ask for your vote so I can continue to be an effective leader for Eastern Washington priorities.

Watch my second debate tonight at 7pm on +KSPS Public TV or listen on +NewsRadio KXLY 920 AM.Watch online: online: 

He/she talks: McMorris Rodgers Wonders "Where are the Jobs and Why the Rush?"
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers asks where are the jobs from the $787 billion dollar stimulus package and why we must rush to pass the health care bill ...

They talk:
#1. This woman is just a shill for the for-profit, excessively corrupt insurance and healthcare "industries." She is spouting the talking points that she's been instructed to deliver. She is ambitious so will say whatever she needs to say to further the right-wing, conservative, anti-choice agenda. The Republicans are "anti-choice" and anti-privacy on these: personal decisions about our healthcare, our life partners, and end-of-life decisions.


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Fit4thabo: "What happened last season counts for nothing, but we carry the belief. We want to be competitive… finish in the top four is our objective in the league… it is about sustaining Champions League football. I’ve seen some odds and we’re not even in the top four. People will rightly look to [Manchester] City and Chelsea, but we are here to challenge." ~ Brendan Rodgers
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Tiger rips woman's arm off at zoo:


Newson6: A worker at the Garold Wayne Zoological Park in Oklahoma has had her arm ripped off by a tiger after she placed it inside a tiger cage, the park has confirmed.

The woman is in surgery at OU Medical Center, where she is stable and hopes to return to work. The tiger will not be put down as the worker has admitted it was her fault

A tiger weighs anything from 200kg to 300kg and eats meat. What would possess you to put your hand inside a cage with a tiger in it?

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Developing Economies:

It is said that there are more people in India with access to cell phones than have access to toilets.

I wonder if that ratio holds true for South Africa?

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Jozi The Most visited city in SA for 2013:

This tweet certainly surprised me; RT@travelcomments: South Africa: Johannesburg will be Africa’s most visited city in 2013 #travel #tourism #southafrica #johannesburg

I am wonder in how they measure who comes through to be staying in Johannesburg versus those that are in transit to other destinations in South Africa.

Post on: 2013-10-21 15:50:15 GMT

New To Tumblr.:

I am curious, you can have text without a picture, and get the privilege of having a title to Blog. Yet you can post a picture, with a caption long enough to be a Blog, but have no title.

This is certainly thinking different.

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