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How to write a silly song parody

...Boat Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Miss Susie My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean Yankee Doodle Rewriting My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean Once you’ve picked a song, you’ll want to take a look at the original lyrics. For example, let’s look at the song... how to write a silly song parody

Warning signs your relationship may be in trouble

...Is an absence of touch or physical displays of affection. Touch is the barometer that gauges the temperature of the relationship. So the absence of hand-holding, hugs, affectionate squeezes, affirming pats on the back, kisses, playful tickles or even the biggie; sexual intimacy, spells that your relationship... warning signs your relationship may be in trouble

Bad break up songs

...Bad break up songs? Great! Here are break up songs that you might be able relate to if you've just had a bad break up. These songs listed below may make you feel quite cheesy while listening to the lyrics when not in break up mode. "Here's a Quarter (Call Someone... bad break up songs

Romantic ways to ask a girl out

...Friday?" will give a girl a warm and fuzzy feeling. Singing it. For the guy who can sing, a romantic way to ask a girl out is to sing the line. Make up lyrics about the lady, or substitute her name into an existing song. The future. One romantic way to ask a girl out involves letting her know you see yourselves together in the future.... romantic ways to ask a girl out

Using the internet effectively with google

...If you just tried different URLs until you found the actual site, it could take significantly longer to get to their webpage. Or for another example, if you wanted to find the lyrics to your favorite song; even if you knew a good lyrics website, you'd still have to load their site, and then search for the song.... using the internet effectively with google

Iamrashod: There are times when I look in a mirror and am shocked that I have #muscles. I’ve been skinny my whole life and this new #body catches my ass off guard. I’m in the #gym doing #legs and caught a glimpse of my #arm lol. #instafit #instaears #nyc #brooklyn #biggie #50cent #masterp #musclemusik #iloveanemptygym (at Planet Fitness)
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Father's Day Buying Guide 2014:

Father’s Day Buying Guide 2014


He grills meat to perfection, if its broke he’ll fix it, he helps the kids with anything sports related, and he’s their hero…in short, he’s the best daddy ever. Which is why his Father’s Day present has to be just right. While some Dads are so easy to shop for: baseball tickets/gift card/BBQ grill….others well not so much! When planning for Father’s Day, trying to find the perfect gift is really…

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Kick summer into high gear with this parfait:

Kick summer into high gear with this parfait


Try a little something new this spring for that first barbeque. This parfait, will not only turn head, but will add a new meaning to “tongue-twister”. A tropical fruit parfait will add some sunshine to any gathering or celebration. Start with an abundance of fresh tropical fruits, then layer with a sweet, creamy filling scented with Nielsen-Massey Pure Orange Extract (recipe below). Made from…

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When Will It End?—Michael Brown:

When Will It End?—Michael Brown


The scene in cities all over the country yesterday was crowds of thousands, in the streets with their hands in the air. The message…”DON’T SHOOT” Sadly, his has become the norm for the Black America. Nonetheless, this isn’t just a Black problem, this is an American problem.

As reported by authorities in Ferguson, M.O., 18 year old Michael Brown was unarmed before being gunned down by local…

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Stop Talkin Sh*t: Phone Soap:

Stop Talkin Sh*t: Phone Soap

I’m sure you didn’t know you had poop on your phone…. Yup, as nasty as that sounds, your toilet-texting may be biting you back in the ass. The PhoneSoap Charger can save you on your fecal friends.


“1 in 6 mobile phones is contaminated with fecal matter.”


Did you know your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet? We are constantly transferring bacteria onto our devices from…

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