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What is a home equity loan?

...Home Equity Loan Explanation: A home equity loan is an additional (secondary) loan taken against the value of your home. In other words, home equity loans are secured consumer loans for which the collateral would be the borrowers’ equity in... what is a home equity loan?

Obtain a personal loan with bad credit

...    No matter how good or how bad the economy is, it's always a bit difficult to get a personal loan if you have less than stellar credit. The reason for this is obvious: If you fail to make your loan payments, the lender has few options for getting his or her money back. The only way you can... obtain a personal loan with bad credit

Get a loan with no credit or job

...Institutions require you to have good credit, along with a steady employment history, to qualify for a loan. However, there are a few ways to borrow money even if you do not have a job or sufficient credit--you may actually receive enough money to cover your personal expenses.     Step 1     Apply for a federal student loan. If... get a loan with no credit or job

Tips for first time loan borrower

...Thinking of availing a home loan or mortgage for the very first time? First time home loan shoppers are highly likely to fall for the sugar words and marketing tactics of banks or home loan providers. The following tips may help you strike the best deal without having to sulk... tips for first time loan borrower

Saving money on used cars

...Negotiate a good deal on the lot with this information. Secondly, you should never buy a vehicle that has been used without first discussing the purchase with your personal mechanic. This person should not work with the dealership. You will want a full inspection, if possible, of the car to ensure that it is working from top to bottom. You also want to be... saving money on used cars

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2014/12/25 Online safety call over new gadgets
Parents are being urged to make sure their children stay safe online using the new gadgets they received for Christmas.

He/she talks: Poor Credit Personal Loans Online Poor Credit Personal Loans, Unsecured Direct Loan
Poor credit personal loans - Get up to $1500 today online, no credit checks, no fax. Poor Credit Pe...

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