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Mistakes to avoid when applying for a bank loan

...To Avoid It: Borrowers must have a neat and organized loan file that includes an accurate business balance sheet, three years of personal and business tax returns, an income statement and a cash flow forecast. “By creating a file for the bank and your records, you are more prepared and you... mistakes to avoid when applying for a bank loan

Selling a car with a lien

...The security on your car loan is the vehicle itself. This means that in the event of not paying your car finance’ monthly EMI on time, the lender has the legal right to take possession of your car.... selling a car with a lien

Financial advice: broker versus bank the benefits of a reverse mortgage broker

...Rather than having to adhere to a strict corporate schedule or complex customer service systems, a smaller independent business often means less time waiting in line and a more personal approach to service. The broker is also likely to be specialized in reverse mortgages, rather than a big lending institution that works with borrowers on dozens of different loan... financial advice: broker versus bank the benefits of a reverse mortgage broker

Make money online with a membership sites

...If you want to start making money online as home based business then one business model you should definitely look at is membership site (subscription based) business model. A membership site often charges a monthly subscription fee for... make money online with a membership sites

Tips for first time loan borrower

...Thinking of availing a home loan or mortgage for the very first time? First time home loan shoppers are highly likely to fall for the sugar words and marketing tactics of banks or home loan providers. The following tips may help you strike the best deal without having to sulk over potential... tips for first time loan borrower

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2015/01/23 Uae loan offers to help manage your finances - the national

The National

UAE loan offers to help manage your finances
The National
Benefits: Customers can apply online for a personal loan of up to Dh500,000 from Standard Chartered in five minutes and receive Dh2,500 upon the successful disbursal of the personal finance. Loan rates start from 6.5 per cent reducing. A processing fee ...

2015/01/18 The complete guide to personal loans - news (blog)

The Complete Guide to Personal Loans News (blog)
It started out as a simple question on the forum, ?Anyone know the difference between a consolidation loan and a personal loan? I see both on this site and others, but not sure what the difference is ? are they the same?? A simple question ...

MyFinance Budget Portfolio | Personal Finance | Housing Loan | Personal Loan | Credit Card | Sharper Shopper | Calculators 4 WAYS FAMILY BUDGET CAN IMPROVE YOUR LIFE Budgeting is very much like dieting – you do it despite the inescapable feelings of deprivation and restriction. Basically, a well-made and proper household budget serves as a financial roadmap. Here is a list of some of the top benefits of a budget plan. 1. Financial knowledge A family budget allows us to control the monthly flow of money. If the expenditures exceed budgeted amounts, a better plan is needed to eliminate needless and excessive spending. On top of that, it also saves you stress of having to adjust to lack of funds. 2. Better communication Do you know that marriage problems mostly involve money matters? As effective communication is a priority, it allows your family to attain major goals like funding education for your children. Remember, disagreements are a normal and healthy part of a relationship. 3. Sets a positive example Budgeting is an absolute way to advocate financial responsibility and accountability. Thus, allocate a specified amount of money each month for retirement or future investment. This in turn promotes frugal habits among your family members. 4. Prepares for rainy days The extra money provides financial breathing room. Is your family often short on cash at the end of each month? If yes, reduce your debt load through a strict budget. Not only that, it also removes unnecessary routine purchases and free up some money for later use. Read More : We also provide other various Financial Information such as, MyFinance Budget Portfolio, Personal Finance, Housing Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card, Sharper Shopper, Calculators. For more information please visit our website

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How do SEO Experts evaluate a website and what judgement do SEO's make when they see bad SEO work? ★★★ This is written for Business Owners that depend on someone else to manage a website. ★★★ A couple of months ago I came across a website that I thought was using sneaky and unacceptable SEO practice that should be getting penalized but it was not, at least not yet. I decided to share that example on a few communities to get some expert feedback to see if maybe I was judging to harshly. Today I was reading over the comments on those posts and thought about how great the feedback was and what a shame more business owners were not seeing this. That is when I got thinking with all the recent buzz about Google Hummingbird, SEO and best practices a compilation of those comments would make a really good post for business owners as a reminder that you might get away with bad practice for a while but that does not mean it is not noticed or will not be affected eventually. My goal with this post is to show how despite the amount of publicity there is on what is not advisable SEO practice there will still be websites out there that have some very questionable tactics being implemented. Some of that is intentional and trying to game the rankings and some of it is just not being current with practices. Regardless the reason it is important that you, as the business and website owner, know and make certain that you are not doing things that could get your website penalized. It may not be penalized today but when a panel of experts think things are wrong it is only a matter of time. This Was My Post This is not my site nor one of my customers. The question I have is that at the bottom of this page there are links to nearly every city in the province of Ontario, Canada. The businesses is located in only one. Each link leads to a unique page with the same content as the other 50 plus pages. Is this bad SEO that will or should be penalized or is this good practice? See this website to understand the On the internet, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the SEO's, who monitor each other; and Google, who prosecute the offenders. These Are Their Stories: +Solomon Kleinsmith  Jun 5, 2013 ► That's not black or white hat - it's just dumb. Poor targeting and duplicate content. +Rand Wilson  Jun 5, 2013 ► "Dunce hat" +Solomon Kleinsmith  Jun 5, 2013 ► Wouldn't really be all that difficult to do right either. Instead of what they did, he could have written a personalized blog post that got into some neighborhood related issues and segued into car loans somehow. +Daniel Rapoport  Jun 13, 2013 ► This is a clear case of (intentional, deceptive) duplicate content which Google states, "In the rare cases in which Google perceives that duplicate content may be shown with intent to manipulate our rankings and deceive our users, we'll also make appropriate adjustments in the indexing and ranking of the sites involved." AKA, if they haven't been penalized yet, they will be soon. +Digivate  Jun 10, 2013 ► Duplicate content is never a good thing, there title tags are almost identical - they've just changed the location. Certainly not something we'd advise! +Elroy van Ouwerkerk  Jun 12, 2013 This is a nice example of how not to do it. Besides the fact that there is a lot of duplicates, the pages are also very thin. In the end this website is not a good practice. +Dave Ashworth  Jun 5, 2013 If you stick to the guidelines, it's bad SEO and should have been picked up on from the Panda updates in terms of thin, duplicate content.  If all the pages rank well for city + car loans, you could argue that it's not bad practice. I would hope it would get penalised at some point if it's ranking well. I wouldn't do it personally, but if as it still works, many still do and rank above "better sites". +Justin Y  Jun 5, 2013+1 ► It should be penalized overtime if it hasn't been already. I think that most of us would indeed consider this black hat and spammy. It's an old strategy that is useful but its kind of gray hat.  I won't lie I do conquest pages (geo targeting seo) myself but I do it differently to where it comes off more white hat. It's a great tactic for stealing your competitors traffic/leads. Jun 5, 2013 ► It's a shame, that's why it's important for business owners to do their research before hiring any SEO to get the job done right.  There's too many flyby "SEOs" that are just out to make a quick buck. Boo! +Dennis Miedema  Jun 5, 2013 ► James Cosgrove thanks for clarifying you're looking to find answers instead of promoting yourself (because we definitely do not appreciate spammers in here). What you're talking about is bad SEO: using boilerplate text and only changing the keywords (in this case, the location) is an age old trick. Since Google releases hundreds of small algorithmic updates a year and several big ones, when I say it's an age old trick it's safe to assume it's one that belongs in a museum because it doesn't work anymore. There's a lot of debate about whether duplicate content (which is what this is) will get you penalized (= lead to NEGATIVE results) so I won't go there. However, what I can tell you is that what these guys are doing leads to below average results at best. I'm willing to bet you that a competitor that makes 50 UNIQUE pages (as in, pages with unique content about what their services are and some info about the location) will have above average results. It's very easy to beat these guys purely with good content, good on-page SEO of that content, and good internal linking of that content. Simply put: take the exact same locations, write truly unique and optimized pages for them and you'll rank higher than these guys. It won't be a matter of if but when. +David Leblanc  Jun 5, 2013 ► Since I have a slow morning and I want another, and another, cup of coffee, I looked at the site. No backlinks to speak of, so they didn't go to a link farm.   And they did not get an exact match domain.  They have those two thinks going for them in the white hat area.  They are following the rules of Google there.  They seem to have only one like on Facebook, so they don't play that game.  More and more I am beginning to think not showing likes on Facebook is a sign of good taste, but that's not germane here. The sites been around since 2006, more or less. I did a search on the term "bad credit car loans sudbury ontario."  Sudbury is a blue collar kind of town I have been through a couple of times years ago (that's why I picked it) and they did come up on the first page.  They did stuff the title tag a bit, but to be fair, the top ranking company for "bad credit car loans sudbury ontario"  did the same.  Worse, in fact.  I have every expectation regardless of the city I click on, it will that the same copy as the Sudbury page, the difference being the city chosen. Is this really black hat?  My quick two cents worth would be to say no, not in Google Canada land.  By extension, you have to wonder about how serious Google is in insisting on a white hat approach to getting a decent ranking or face google jail. You can say this is manipulation of the system, but it seems to be one Google has no problem when choosing its SERP. I think whoever did the SEO really knows what he's doing.  He knows how to work keywords very well and avoid a penalty for keyword stuffing.  That probably was the approach from the start. You can argue this is not black-hat, but gray-hat and successfully done.  Google's algorithms probably regard this as a site of high authority in the bad credit auto loan field, which is the basis for a whole new discussion at some point.  Authority I mean.  One that pops up is if a new company tried this, would they be penalized for it?  I don't know. This company will continue doing what it's doing, as will its competitors.  It works, so why change? I am feeling feisty this morning, so fire away if you take issue with me. +Dennis Miedema  Jun 5, 2013 ► David, I have to say: I totally disagree with you. Just because a website is ranking well at the moment doesn't mean they will be a few weeks from now ESPECIALLY if they're using questionable tactics like boilerplate content. It usually takes Google 2-3 weeks to process all the changes happening on all the sites of any given search engine results page, so we may be looking at a "they have not been punished... yet" situation. Secondly, here's a quick addition to my first comment: Google cares about user experience, yes, but it cannot in an objective way assess the quality of every single page on a site. Why? Because quality is subjective. It is, therefore, always serving results that are good enough and not the best possible quality in terms of results. Check out  a much better explanation of this phenomenon here: What my comments attempts to reveal is that when you're dealing with a keyword that has a lot of "good enough" results it doesn't mean those websites know what they're doing. What it means is that anyone that does a "good enough isn't good enough" job of writing and optimizing content for that keyword WILL outrank all the underachievers. Do you get what I'm trying to say? If a certain championship can be won by a lazy dude/chick because everyone else competing is even lazier, it doesn't mean he/she is the best from a relative point of view. It means he or she is the least laziest, but still lazy. If a well trained, dead serious competitor enters the next championship and always aims for the very best performance... it's pretty much a given who will win. Can you win for some keywords by being lazy? Yes, if everyone else is lazy. That's what I'm trying to say here: there is NO niche on the planet that will always stay lazy. Companies need to drop the good enough act because there WILL be

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GLOBAL IDENTITY HERE I AM DECLARING FULL SECURITY AND ANTI-VIRUS FOR TOTAL HUMANITY One World One Device. (Global Identity). Who doesn't want to be transparent, happy and peaceful in whole life ? Here I have discovered the simple and basic rules for life. I am not going to change the world, I am just showing some road map – maybe lot of people have been thinking for a long time for this kind of solution, but not all material came together to make it happen - where every person can live and sleep happily, even you can think of keeping the door open while you sleep. But this is going to be very difficult for criminals. They will never like my idea after this project been published I doubt even they would try to kill me. Yet I am taking the risk for the benefit of all people who want to live peacefully without any types of problems in life at all. We have PC and Net anti-virus. Now I have presented a full Anti-Virus for humanity. I need money to launch the Satellite if possible from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I will most welcome who helps me to do this, come 1st and get the benefit 1st. Any local/foreign organization can participate as partnership in the project. So I need loan or financial support to make everybody’s dream come true. It’s a big project all over the world and benefit is blissful. In the existing world no company introduced “Complete Security Plan” so SMOOTHLY for common people. Here I am doing it 1st. Be very careful if any organization or any individual uses full or part of my formula he/she will face international legal penalty. My aim is to free this world from hard copy of money, wallet, passport, exam paper, legal stamp etc – any of these document get lost or being misused you will be in big trouble – where you can use GI device without any hard copy, even it gets lost for a short time yet you have online backup, so no information is missing at all. You are fully secured and take a happy breath. Now I am going to explain how this is possible: 01. GI will connect to satellite directly without any local SIM or Network. 02. There will be only one application which will combine all below process and you can view your full biography on page. Not different application for different activities. 03. GI will track you wherever you go and leave a trail on the world map. So if you are lost on the way back or for any other reason or if you been kidnapped or get killed, GD (Global Detective), police, member of your family will be able to track your trail. To enable this you have to keep the GI device with you always, just as a little book. 04. You must have GI device, without GI device you will be suspicious and get caught as illegal. 05. GI device will record all kinds of video and audio call over GI web. 06. As GI device will always be connected with high speed internet, so it is always accessible to online info. No need to download any file. If compulsory then you are allowed. 07. Videos & Pictures will be over-viewed by GD (Global Detective), legal force for suspicious activity. Satellite not only watches yourself but also who comes closer to you. 08. All the mail & messages sent & received from device will have international documentation standard, no need other legal stamp to take legal step. 09. Banking and financial statement will be synced with online banking software so that it has a default debt & credit status and out of this status user will get financial support from any online bank or GI bank (home & abroad). 10. GI device will be an international passport where users visa application, approval, visa extension, arrival, departure can be only updated by embassy, airport and plane in their own software and it will automatically updated and notified in users device accordingly. Being online no need of stamping. Also this will save lot of documentations and trees. Applicant will submit only via online with GI device number, email id, his name, purpose of visit, expected duration, place to stay. As all the information is available about the applicant in the GI website so no need to submit personal details separately, embassy authorities will work on GI website and update their visa approval and other matters online, user will be notified all the process in the device, no need to collect anything from embassy, embassy will deduct fee from applicant online bank account or GI bank. 11. This GI International Passport will carry all the information’s of user - background, family background, academic qualification, achievement, career history, bank loan, current salary, police record - whatever is needed to be as an international citizen. 12. GI user will be able to visit any country without any barrier because this device will allow the law and enforcement to trace him in less than a minute. If all the countries understand the benefit and agree to visit each other without blockage. 13. GI user is useless without this device. Somehow if you go out without this device then you will be suspected as a criminal. If you lose your device then you should contact police and GI care line right then to update in the GI website that the device is missing and to trace your device accordingly. To do this you need to use another device from nearest user – you are allowed to do this. Other user will help you to do so. Process is :  Submit your GI device number and device pass – only then your missing device will be updated in the police record and GI web. Maybe all people will not be able to buy the device at a time, because of financial crises but sooner or later you must need this for your own safety and benefit. So I recommend one family should buy one device at least. So long as you can not own personal device you must create your profile with NID in GI web (also there will be local GI office in your area) in all cases such as when you go out from home, reach office, reach work place, leave town, come back home etc (as much as information you can provide of your each movement and other details) - after you buy this GI device your NID tracking record will be updated in the GI device. All these process has been introduced only for your own security and mental peace. At a certain time when every person becomes good and crime record all over the world is 000.05 percent, then I think visa system would not require anymore. 14. Any person gets out of Jail should be released with GI device – this should be a compulsory law, otherwise he might cause any harm to the accused and get involved in further miscreant. 15. What if anybody does not have full money to buy the GI device in that case provider will give him on credit and will adjust from income. Because your device is a branch of online bank as well. Also this device is your lifetime profile. 16. All citizen of the country must have ID card. But when they travel outside the country then they must have GI device as their international passport, no need to carry paper passport anymore. Paper passport has many problems itself, always you have keep photocopy, but even if you lose photocopy then what happens, lot of problems comes up. So if you have GI device no need to worry of losing, even if you lose it will be traced within in 1 minute - GI device will be waterproofed. However you have online backup for all device info. Applicant will check thoroughly the desired country visit fee, terms and conditions and other cost in the specific website. Yet the embassy will send reconfirmation message and visa approval days to the applicant for the necessary charges, if the applicant confirms then embassies are requested to process the approval otherwise not. And all embassies are requested not to write anything bad or negative about the applicant. If u approve visa then its fine but do not spoil the passport history. GI aims to honor and secure everybody not otherwise. 17. GI device will be exactly an international debit and credit card, using this device user can shop, transfer money, and borrow cash from any person or bank. You can lend money to the other user, no worry at all, but he/she has limited time to return, if he/she does not return the GI bank return your money and adjust with him/her without giving you any pain. There will be total 2 password, 1 for device and another for money matter. 18. Who gives you loan money - it will be updated in both GI devices. Loan giver will update I lent this amount to GI device serial no and name and loan receiver will update in his GI device that I have received such amount of loan from GI device serial and name – without both confirmation loan transaction will not be executed. In this way everybody can borrow/loan anybody without doubt. Result, if you do not payback this loan within a limited period then GI bank will pay for you. In the online banking software and in GI device everything will be updated whatever transaction you do. So there is no space to run away or hide. So you got to earn and pay back timely. Still you have the option to ask more time to your loan giver, if he/she allows you then GI bank has no problem at all. Conclusion: Say you owe total amount $1000 USD to GI bank for one year yet you will be asked to return the loan, if you have no feedback or payback the loan then your device transaction will be on hold. And my aim is to implement all kinds of money matter should be dealt through GI device, wherever you go, all over the world, even pay for 1 kilo potato etc. In this way GI will keep track all of your activities, monthly income & expenses calculation. 19. If you have USD1000 in GI device for a month; automatically you have some interest on that, no need to apply for monthly deposit scheme. I smooth your life and free you from all kinds of document storage and free you from being lost. 20. GI device will be launched in such way so that it is available in all cities, within capacity or on partial credit for a limited period and usable by everybody, easy to use. Every people and country will use this device for

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