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Iphone 5s, iphone 5c, samsung, htc, nokia and more. which of the top 10 smartphones of 2013 is right for you?

...Best low light experience you’re likely to find, along with the manual Nokia Pro Camera utility that takes camera phone imaging to a new level. This phone also comes with other exclusive Nokia apps like HERE Maps turn-by-turn voice navigation, Nokia Music+ and wireless charging. The... iphone 5s, iphone 5c, samsung, htc, nokia and more. which of the top 10 smartphones of 2013 is right for you?

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...You press them simultaneously, your screenshot will be saved to your Gallery in a ‘Screenshots’ folder. From there, you can share it on your various social networks or with other apps you already have installed. 2. Access Google Now on the Nexus 7 To access Google Now, press... tips and tricks 4 nexus 7

How to transfer music from ipod to new computer?

...Copying or transferring music files from your iPod to a computer or laptop usually involves paid third party software or tools. Here is how you can do the samewithout... how to transfer music from ipod to new computer?

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...Music has no age, language and limits and it is probably as old as the mankind itself. Listening to music has to be the favorite pastime of most people, regardless of the genre and... benefits of music

How to block a phone number?

...As well. The one I have seen working good on my friend’s phone is theCall Blocker Professional. Windows Mobile Phones: There are a number of phone blocker apps for Windows Mobile that you can dig out by searching. I do not have a particular application to suggest for the time being but I have seen many. Nokia: If you own a... how to block a phone number?

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You may know Microsoft has  launched a new app called “ic Deals” for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. This app brings hot ic deals every week. You will be able to enjoy new, debut albums at only $.99. Deals for this week: This week, you’ll be able…

ic Windows is updated to the new version 2.6. 476.0 . Here’s the full changelog: Fixed minor bugs and improvements Downloads | ic Do not et to download the ‘ apps Windows Phone and the Windows 8 , and to follow on Facebook Twitter , Google ,…

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See some of the most exciting new features in Windows Phone 8, including Kid's Corner, Rooms, Live Apps, and more. Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phon...

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#1. HOLY CRAP. This thing HATES transfers for computers. You can't put Zune on it or sync anything!

#2. Just bought the Samsung ATIV SE with Windows Phone 8. It is the best Smartphone I've owned to date - I love it! And with 120,000 + apps, it's fantastic, all the apps I wanted too. And this is a great video explaining it. Thanks.

#3. If i should change my iPhone out with something else it should be a Windows Phone... But i love the premium feel of Apple and im what you would call a 'fanboy'...

#4. Great video - what a nice man, and his sweet daughters - how lovely. :-) God bless you Joe.

#5. I have the 8x believe me lice tiles make u look creepy

#6. I swer windows phone would be cool if it wasn't for lack of apps 

One Week with the Moto360 by +Motorola Mobility I used it all week and have a better feel. It came in quite handy during my trip to NYC. + Battery Life is not an issue. I typically have about 20% left, even after letting it sit on my night stand sans charger overnight. Only takes an hour to recharge. + I like the idea of customizing the watch face to match my wardrobe. It's all about the details. + great for walking navigation! So much less awkward vs. pulling out your phone every 2 blocks. + great for pausing podcasts/ music when pulling up to the drive through window. + must use with a bluetooth ear piece. Simply tell the watch to call my wife, pop the BT in my ear and keep on walking. So easy. Same with answering phone calls. + The app for +USA TODAY works great. Easy to read and can scroll through the longer headlines. the only gripe so far is the 1weather app (see picture) as it cuts off the graphic. they are aware and promised a fix is on the way. until then, I have turned off this app from feeding the 360. looking forward to future updates from Android Wear and the developer community.

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New out of the woodwork is Homey, a Kickstarter project that lets you control almost everything in your home via voice! Homey is one of the more complete smart home solutions that we’ve seen, with the developers attempting to cover all bases with its Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter page explains: “Homey brings your home to life. It can talk to many devices, and you can talk to Homey. Say what you want, when you want it, and Homey takes care of it. Homey learns your ways and predicts which things to do, to make you happy.” The compact gadget includes seven different wireless modules, with the developers claiming that they’re “all integrated together in an intelligent and easy-to-use device with state-of-the-art speech recognition”. Homey isn’t just about connecting the latest devices in your home though – there’s even an infrared LED, letting you control TVs, stereos and more by chatting to Homey. When it comes to other features, Homey aims to control your lighting, heating and music, with the Kickstarter page also pointing out: “When you get home, your lights fade on, your thermostat is already set to a comfortable level and your favourite music is streamed to your receiver. When you need to wake up, the curtains or blinds are opening, your morning tune is playing on your stereo while the weather for today and your e-mails are being read to you. The smell of fresh and automatically made coffee gets you out of bed.” Sounds good to us! There’s also a Homey smartphone app for Android and iOS, letting you configure all your devices from your phone as well. If you have Windows Phone or other smartphones, you’ll be able to use your browser to make any necessary changes. Homey follows in the footsteps of quite a few other manufacturers though, such as Archos and Google, all of which are trying to create their own smarthome solutions. Only time will tell which is the best! Find out more about Homey: #Latesttech

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Amazon needs to get back to their roots Amazon’s latest quarterly financial numbers are now in and the company has taken quite a large hit. Despite showing earnings of over 20 billion, the company has written off their largest operating costs of over 500 million. The biggest hit on the balance sheet for Q3? The Fire Phone. Amazon’s push towards mobile hardware seems to be faltering. Do they need to reevaluate their strategy? I believe the answer is yes. Amazon needs to get back to their and services. Amazon built themselves up through offering a plethora of onlines services. In a time of mobile dominance by iTunes, Amazon shifted their online retail “”sights to mobile solutions. Amazon Music and Video on Demand still stand as one of the few legitimate rivals to Apple’s catalog. To coincide with their growing mobile selections, Amazon began exploring the hardware market. They already had the Kindle e-reader, but maybe they needed something more. Enter the Kindle Fire and a new fork of Android. This 7 inch tablet saw some initial success due to other OEMs not offering an Android tablet in this smaller form factor. However, since the introduction of the Kindle Fire, Android has filled the void with more open alternatives of the 7 inch variety. Most enthusiasts of the platform will always choose an option with a more traditional Google Play app model over the siloed environment of the Kindle line. This result directly affects the Fire Phone as well. Simply put, people aren’t going to choose a hampered version of Android with the Fire line. At least not the ones that will champion and sell your platform to friends. Especially when you can get Amazon’s apps on any Android device. And there lies Amazon’s solution...focus on your core apps regardless of platform. While I believe there is still a market for the Kindle line of tablets, I’m not convinced there’s a need for Fire OS. If Amazon is still making money on their tablets online and in Best Buy, then carry on with that. But maybe it’s time to explore a more pure partnership with Google. Barnes and Noble may have gotten it right with simply offering a traditional skin over Android in their new Samsung branded Nook tablets. Amazon has the best ebook app with Kindle Books. They have a growing video catalog with Amazon Prime Videos, which is finally available for all Android devices. And they have a strong music library with Amazon Music. Invest in what you do best...selling things and services. Maybe you even have a new hardware partner to experiment with all “Nook style” right next door in Seattle…(looks down the street towards HTC USA).

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Slagsmålsklubben – Music at
Gimme Three Steps-Lynyrd Skynyrd - YouTube
RUSH COIL 8-bit Christmas
Eric McFadden
Take down John Travolta.
Adamson, Barry
Unexplainable Store ~ Brain Wave Stimulation
Eight Days of Steve: David Harrington - WQXR
Ableton - Ableton proudly presents...
Home - 8-bit Guerrilla

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