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Aniruddhkothari: During my stay in New York as an assistant Photographer, I had a very close family in New Jersey who are our next door neighbors in Mumbai, India as well. Featuring here is the latest addition to The Mehta’s Family, their pretty princess Aarya! It was a pleasure photographing a close family around the shores of New Jersey along with my cool assistant and a friend @siddharthaalam #Nyc #Family #Portrait #NewJersey #Mehta
Date: 2014-02-23 03:41:54 GMT

Finally, It begins!:

First Day of Hallmark Institute of Photography. *After 3 days of Orientation*

I don’t think I have ever been so excited to go to school in my life but this is different for the sole reason that we are promised Photography equipment in exactly 2 days of full-day school.

1st Day = The Sekonic Light Meters.

I have barely used a light meter or even thought of using one, the only thing that i did with the light meter is to look through the side glass to the other hand until Sahil Mane walked in to the room. 

I always thought that the light meter would be one Giant Complicated Light Calculator but after today it is this kickass mini calculator that makes life a lot more easier. 

1. You cannot be an amazing photographer if you do not use a light meter.

2. The light meter is not an expense but an Investment aka “Purchasing a Friend”

3. The Light Meter and You will be the longest Relationship you have ever had.

4. Google it. Learn about it. Try it & You will know it.

After being given a thorough explanation of the Light meter and it’s functions by Tony Downer, came Sir. Gregory Heisler (I just prefer to add the Sir, he has accomplished way too much in Photography). Now Sir. Gregory Heisler came up with the simple Bucket & Water Experiment to explain what the Aperture did exactly and how it worked while clicking pictures. Before the digital light meters were introduced, the old analog light meters made life a lot more easier.

One just had to put in the desired F-Stop and the ISO and the meter did the rest, it not only showed what shutter speed to use or vice-versa but also how the picture taken would be the same with different ISO’s, Shutter Speed’s & F-Stops. However in today’s digital meter’s this is more of a Mathematical cum Intellectual game. Nevertheless, it still stands as a boon and works the best to find out the perfect light and the settings required.

The best part about Hallmark is that you get a break every 50 minutes to freshen yourself or else the auditorium seats shall succeed in making every single of us fall asleep. 

Once we were thorough with the light meter and how to record the readings we were taken in to 4 different booths in the school, each one of them with a different set up and a different objective. We were made to use the light meters on Still Life set up’s and get a reading by differentiating between the Highlighted part & the Shadow part of the subject.

After a lot of experimenting with the light meter, we finally reach the last part of class i.e. - Production & Planning - Dick D’Alessandro said a few words about how to get about with the next 10 Months of chaos and in-saneness. 

Rule No 1. Always make sure you have records of the place, product, time, models, etc which will be used for a shoot or have been used for a shoot.

This helps you to have your work done in an organized manner.

Rule No 2. Always approach people to shoot them, if you find them interesting in any particular way that you see them.

They would be more than happy to get their picture clicked and in return also make sure you give them a print of the picture.

Rule No 3. Be yourself and make sure that the environment is fun to be in.

*Enough Rules*

In short, Photography is a Creative Business and take it as it comes :)

*Sigh* And the first day ends with cheers and loads of excitement.

PS - 8 Hours to the Canon 5D Mark III 

 - @MainHoonSpammer

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A new beginning - Hallmark Institute of Photography:

Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
City: Turners Falls
Distance to New York: 200 Miles

Top 10 Reasons for being a Hallmark Student:

10. The Weather

9. The Culture 

8. No Starbucks - The closest Starbucks is in the next State.

7. No Jihads in Turners Falls

6. Breakneck Pace - You could lie down in the middle of the road for a good hour and you would not be run over by any vehicle

5. Scented hand lotion in every bathroom - That’s right, the scented hand lotions make sure that you smell like Peach or an Apple by the time you are back home

4. No Cool Colleges around

3. That one way “Never gonna get finished” Bridge - This bridge would not be completed till my grandchildren came to Hallmark

2. Traffic - The Traffic stops the moment you set your foot on the road :D

1. The Best Photography School. Period.

^ The reasons why I know that i have made the right choice for a school far away from the city :)

Instructor: Gregory Heisler


Work: 100+ Time Magazine Covers, Life, Geo, Sports Illustrated, ESPN & The New York Times *Just to name a few*

What do you do when you realize that a Portrait Photographer who has shot Al Pacino, Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Scorsese, LeBron James, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Robin Wiliams and about a 50 more people who have made it to either the Forbes List or the Time Covers is one of your instructors?

Well, Gregory Heisler, stands in front of us as our Instructor for the upcoming 10 Months of Photography at The prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography explaining us the bits and pieces of photography right there on the first day of the Orientation. 

Just as Day 1 of the orientation gets over, we are all set to get through with the other 2 days + 5 more days after that to get our respective

Canon 5D’s Mark III :D

PS - I know the blog is a bit boring and not fun to read, i need to get the hang of it especially after my last blog was Reported as an abuse over excessive spamming on other Social Networks

- @MainHoonSpammer

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The MacBook Pro arrives!:

After a nice long weekend which started with a Saturday night party and waking up at 11.30am next morning, you know that one part of the weekend was not at all wasted.

Now that we all had our camera’s it would be a shame if we did not go out to shoot on the weekend. This made us scout for a couple of places on google maps but luckily Ralph came lost his way one fine day and ended up to a place called “Shelburne Falls” which was just amazing.

They had a bridge, not a normal bridge but a Photographers paradise aka “The Bridge of Flowers”

I will avoid talking about the place and just post a few pictures here


Tip: Weekends = Outdoor Shoots.

Sunday as usual was a lousy day and while i waited for my Mac to arrive, i finished off an entire season of Seinfeld. 


It’s Monday!

*Skips the details and gets to class*

Monday opens with Tony , Dick & Braden giving us a critique of our Photos that we clicked while we were at Deerfield. THe critique was good and i was glad that my photos turned out to be good. *The ones i submitted are the ones in the previous post*

After the critique, Sir. Gregory Heisler comes in to explain the reason behind Black & White. It is a stupid thing though shooting in Black & White from a Photography School but for a fact it is only when you shoot in B/W is when you pay close attention to the contrast & the toning which makes shifting to color a lot more easier.

Siddharth Aalambayan, I hope this answers your question so as to why the B/W, for some reason they never use this technique in India. In fact it’s not even a technique but just common sense. Along with the Tones & the shading aspect of Photography Sir took us back in time to show us the various B/W Portraits & Landscapes. #Fascinating, the work is dated back from 1950’s and with the introduction of digital things have gotten way better. 

Now that Sir. Gregory Heisler felt a slight bit of rumble in his stomach, he decided to give us the lunch break.

*Yaay, Lunch Time = THIS IS WHERE I GOT MY MAC”

Had Lunch - Got the Mac - Opened the Seal - Logged on - Updated the Mac as a Life Event - Got late for the class - Stormed through a Billion Dust Particles & Reached just in time.

The next class was in the IT lab, Did you guys ever analyze the Histogram on the back of the camera?
Well, today we were told what it actually does because prior to this i would just keep moving it left to right and wait until i got a fancy shape. The Histogram however helps you to know the number of Blacks, Shadows, Grays & Whites in your picture. It is quite essential while clicking a photograph as it saves you a lot of time on the set.

So, if there is a V shaped Histogram then the picture is a High Contrast scene & if you have an A shaped Histogram then in that case it is a Low Contrast scene.

Not too soon after this we were handed our second assignment to capture the above mentioned images on a Field Trip to “Brattleboro, VT” situated in Vermont. The 3rd picture that completes this assignment is any picture that depicts “Brattleboro” and brings out the essence of this small town :)

So that’s it for today, i need to spend time with the New MacBook Pro

*It is Insane*

*I think i am a bit too over-excited*

- @MainHoonSpammer 

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Camera Day aka The Best Day at Hallmark:

On 11th September, Instagram + Twitter + Facebook was flooded with posts from 60 students obsessed with Canon 5D Mark III’s. This led to a crash down in the WI-Fi server around Turners Falls and is due repairs since the past 8 hours.

The 2nd day of school is known to be the happiest day in the lives of every Hallmark student.

The Title says it all :)

I doubt if there was anyone who reached late to school or even got the perfect sleep last night due to the over-whelming excitement.


We sit back in the auditorium and wait anxiously for Tony Downer to give out the camera’s BUT Mr. Tony here will not hand the camera’s to us so easily. He made us wait for at least an hour which included a lecture on how to get using the Camera and not break a $3,500 Equipment. 

Once the Do’s & Dont’s for the Canon 5D Mark III were made clear, we were barely 15 minutes away to the 5D’s. It was not just the camera that was insane but also the 24-70 2.8 Lens from Canon along with a backpack to make sure that we treat it well. I must say, Tony did one smart thing of not giving us the CF Card’s along with the camera’s. If he did that, there would be an approximate of a 100 clicks in 15 minutes. Nevertheless we were made to wait, explained about the CF Card and the cards were distributed :)


Picture Courtesy: Megan Shotwell

Click Click Boom is all we went and i managed to get at least 300 clicks till Tony had to get everyone’s attention to the presentation about the basics of Photography.

*Lunch Break*
This is the time where i would be getting my Chef’s degree for the next 10 Months. YES, hallmark does provide a Diploma in Cooking if you are a Vegetarian at no extra cost :P

*Practical Time*

The best part about the 2nd half of the day are the “Photo Practicals” where you have Rich Barnes, Braden Chattman,Sir. Gregory Heisler, David Turner, Dick D’Alessandro, Chat Sirichanvimol & Michael Zide.

^ Google them & you will be AMAZED

The practicals are divided in to 4 different zones with 4 different groups and every group rotates as they get done. My group started off with Rich Barnes, the best part about working with Rich Barnes is that you can have your own music while working. *Glad it’s encouraged* The last class we had cell phones playing but this class we had Rolling Stones \m/. We were asked to shoot respective classmates on different sets of lighting with meter readings so that we could differentiate in terms of the lighting.

The next lab was with Sir. Gregory Heisler & David Turner, the fun part of studying anywhere other than India especially in America is that there are barely any people who can get my name. Eg. David Turner prefers to say a “Hello Lad” rather than the name :P

David Turner & Sir. Gregory Heisler handle the sports shooting aspect and taught us how to shoot silhouette’s during a sports event.

Picture: PS - The person at the bottom: Steve Jobs aka David Turner

Once we got done with this experiment of trying to shoot LeBron James in a match, we moved on to the next Instructor: Braden Chattman

Braden Chattman is one of those Happy go Lucky instructors with the typical Tech Savvy Geekiness. He starts off with a lot of Do’s and Dont’s about the camera + the problems that we will/may face throughout our course and how to get out of it without any panic 

Picture: Braden Chattman; top most step in the center.

After Braden’s fun lecture, we moved on to the last section i.e. the Commercial Studio where Dick, Chat & Michael set up professional lighting on products and asked us to take readings off the meters and check how well did the photo’s show up when Over-exposed & Under-exposed.

& Now after 8 hours of lectures we reach the last lecture of the day in the “Imaging Theater” where we were guided by Michael Merritt, Braden Chattman & Chat Sirichanvimol on the iMac’s with Epson printers & Wacom tablets *Bliss*.
As we transferred all our pictures on the iMac, *Siren* The siren rings and it’s time for us to leave and say a goodbye to the iMac’s until tomorrow for 2 groups whereas the other 2 groups would be going to “Old Deerfield” for a field trip the entire day to get clicking.

PS - Had Dal Makhani for dinner #HappyDaysAreBackAgain

- @MainHoonSpammer 

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