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Tips for improving and making home videos

...Intention of editing them later into a good 15 to 30 minute video to show your friends, then realize that you are looking at hours of work. If you don't edit the videos, then plan on using the fast forward button on the remote early and often when viewing with friends. There is a way to avoid editing or the fast... tips for improving and making home videos

How to download content onto a kindle 2

...— first, by choosing a new e-book in the Kindle store, and then going through the billing process: Turn on your Kindle 2 and press the menu button. Because the Kindle uses the AT&T network, you don’t need to waste time looking for a hot spot. You can download content anywhere you can use an iPhone. Use the... how to download content onto a kindle 2

Preventing your buttons from falling off

...If you think you lose your buttons too quickly, here's a simple tip : apply transparent nail polish to the back of your buttons. That will protect the thread, thus lenghtening your button's lifespan.... preventing your buttons from falling off

Are my nipples normal

...A "normal" nipple will stick out when erect. An inverted nipple will be inward, like an innie belly button. It may look like a hole that goes inward. Nipples can be large or small. They can stick out a lot or be almost flat. Nipples can be... are my nipples normal

Ps3 blinking red light

...Is a fan test feature that PS3 models have provided. To do this, turn off your PS3, remove all the cords from its rear and keep the console on a spread sheet of newspaper. Now, while pressing the eject button, plugin the power cord of the PS3 (while still pressing the eject button). After a few... ps3 blinking red light

He/she talks: Blake Val Noir - All Is All And Nothing Is Nothing At All

I bend in submission and grow empty inside,
Thousands of broken dreams caught tight and collide.
Failure to deliver? or deliver the failure?
No-one, nothing, never and not forever.
The link, the bind, the lobotomy of mind,
To trust the trust of mankind?
The savage poetry meanders my elixir,
Distraught by thought, and scared with fraught.

The ever fear of what's what is near,
The truth of time and the age of reckoning.
The blitzkrieg of nature, and the dignity of man,
Caught short of the score, before the game began.
Guardians of great and healers of time,
Come forth and comb out the fragment of crime.

Chart the course; set a sail the sands,
Lead the way, lock our hands, and take me to the far off lands.
To second the motion is to accept the risk,
The lonely parade moves on, to insist;

All is all and nothing is nothing at all,
What's worth the fall is but sure to persist,
and so let dreams dream and seers scheme.

Blake Val Noir

Author: avatarpoemhunter
Tags: Blake Val Noir All Is All And Nothing Is Nothing At All
Posted: 28 October 2014
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