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Are my nipples normal

...And shape. There are generally two "types" of nipple, normal and inverted. A "normal" nipple will stick out when erect. An inverted nipple will be inward, like an innie belly button. It may look like a hole that goes inward. Nipples can be large or small. They can stick out a lot or be almost flat. Nipples can... are my nipples normal

How to download content onto a kindle 2

...First, by choosing a new e-book in the Kindle store, and then going through the billing process: Turn on your Kindle 2 and press the menu button. Because the Kindle uses the AT&T network, you don’t need to waste time looking for a hot spot. You can download content anywhere you can use an iPhone. Use... how to download content onto a kindle 2

Ps3 blinking red light

...Feature that PS3 models have provided. To do this, turn off your PS3, remove all the cords from its rear and keep the console on a spread sheet of newspaper. Now, while pressing the eject button, plugin the power cord of the PS3 (while still pressing the eject button). After a few seconds the fan blowing and cleaning process starts. Let it run for about 15 seconds while... ps3 blinking red light

Kindle shortcuts and tips

...Text or personal notes, the Kindle saves your notes. You can go back to these notes any time by accessing the My Clippings file on the Home Page. You can place a bookmark in your text, simply by positioning the cursor where you want it and pushing the 5-way controller twice. It’s that simple. Searching the Web with the Kindle You probably knew you could... kindle shortcuts and tips

Roll your abdominal muscles

...The abdominal roll—the upper abs located just below the rib cage, the middle abs, behind the belly button and the lower abs below the navel inside pelvic bones The key to abdominal rolls is isolation. Nothing moves on the body but the targeted... roll your abdominal muscles

He/she talks: Sowelu - Get Over

Aki Harada (原田 亜希 Harada Aki?, born November 6, 1982) better known by her stage name, Sowelu, is a Japanese pop/R&B singer signed onto Avex Group's label Rhythm Zone.
Her career started in 2002 with the release of her first single Beautiful Dreamer, a soft love ballad which did very well in the charts, and was later featured on the Relaxin’ with Japanese Lovers compilation album. Her first single was modestly successful, and it wasn't until the release of her album Geofu in the summer of 2003 that she gained recognition. Geofu did exceptionally well in the charts, scoring a number 4 position with more than 300,000 copies sold. Her first single after Geofu, "Rainbow" was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama Netsuretsuteki Chukahanten, and the other A-side song on that single, "breath ~Omoi no Youryō~" was used for the national promotion campaign of JFN Radio. She performs under Sony Music Japan's DefSTAR Records label.

Her next big single "Glisten" was used in a make-up commercial for Menards products, and did fairly well in the Japanese market. With this success, she gained even more popularity, and was asked to sing the end theme for the popular TBS animated series Fullmetal Alchemist, entitled "I Will", giving her an easy in with American fans. Because of "'I Will"', the two other songs included with her "I Will" single, "Candy Rain" and "Pearl Color ni Yurete", became popular among American fans. In 2005, her song "Candy Rain" was featured on the Soul Tree: a Musical Tribute to Toshinobu Kubota album and "Pearlcolor ni Yurete" was on the Momoe Yamaguchi tribute album Thank You For.... Likewise, her third single "Fortune" was selected for the American J-Pop compilation album Neo Soul, and "Across My Heart" written by Kenny Lerum and Barry J. Eastmond, from the Geofu album, was added to the "Smooth Listening Compilation" album.

In November 2004, Sowelu released her 8th single, "Last Forever", which became the TV insert song for the new drama There goes Nurse-man, and her cover of "The Rose" was featured on a Nescafe commercial. Then finally, after one and a half years of waiting, Sowelu released her second album Sweet Bridge on January 7, 2005.

In 2005, Sowelu contributed to M-Flo's album Beat Space Nine on the track "So Exclusive", and again on their album Dope Space Nine in the same song, remixed by Korean fusion band, Clazziquai.

In the music video for the song "to YOU" several photographs of her family and her childhood are intercut with scenes of her singing in a wide room with large glass windows. According to her website, the video location is a church about one hour away from Tokyo by car. At the end of the PV, the family members in the photos make an appearance together with Sowelu, including her grandmother, her mother and even Sowelu's pet chihuahua.
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