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Kindle shortcuts and tips

...That had highlighted text or personal notes, the Kindle saves your notes. You can go back to these notes any time by accessing the My Clippings file on the Home Page. You can place a bookmark in your text, simply by positioning the cursor where you want it and pushing the 5-way controller... kindle shortcuts and tips

Best iphone apps for dieting

...On your weight and unique personal information. SugarTracker. For diabetics following a strictly-regulated sugar diet, this iPhone application can be quite helpful. It allows you to track your glucose level and insulin schedule. It also compiles several charts comparing previous sugar levels. 101 Cookbooks. If you find cooking options are sparse for staying on your diet, this... best iphone apps for dieting

What do i do with my galaxy tab when….?

...That can go wrong with your Tab. “I can’t turn the Tab on (or off)!” Yes, sometimes the Galaxy Tab locks up. If you press and hold the Power button for about 8 seconds, the Tab turns either off or on, depending on which state it’s in. Sometimes a program can lock the... what do i do with my galaxy tab when?.?

Mario kart wii guide - hints and tips

...And stay there till the boost kicks in. - Wheelies This can only be done on a motorcycle. When going in a straight line, press the trick button. Your front tire will lift up and you'll get a short burst of speed. However, your tire will remain up for around 4 seconds, meaning you cant steer during that time... mario kart wii guide - hints and tips

Roll your abdominal muscles

...On the outermost layer.  Three sections comprise the muscles used in the abdominal roll—the upper abs located just below the rib cage, the middle abs, behind the belly button and the lower abs below the navel inside pelvic bones The key to abdominal rolls is... roll your abdominal muscles

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Thu, 20 November 2014

Rightway diamond flower magnetic button stand wallet card slot holder protector grid leather case for iphone 5 5s with 1 screen protector and 1 stylus white

Fri, 21 November 2014

Whirlpool pur side by side refrigerator push button cyst reducing water filter

He/she talks: Cat Fights Dog

Cat Fights Dog

The pursuit of happiness is a goal that all humans share. Our goal here at One Smile At A Time is to contribute to that with a smile every day. Join us.

Our goal is to make everyone that visits this channel smile every day. Our much bigger goal is to make this channel the 2nd happiest place on earth (… since Disneyland will always be the happiest place on earth). But for that we need your help.

We here at One Smile At A Time support the open source community. All our work is done in Linux. The videos are created, edited and rendered with Kdenlive. The artwork is done with GIMP.

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Huemanateedesign: Oh the HueManatee! AdventuresSome Fun (School) Stuff Hey everybody! Just dropping by to leave a quick note about this fun project I’m working on. Buttons! Stickers! I’m part of my school’s GLBT-CA club and at our last meeting we were talking about visibility, both within and outside of the community. While we were trying to think of solutions on how to raise awareness (specifically on the gender/pronoun front) we found ourselves with a want/need for buttons or stickers. Something wearable and hand-out-able. One thing led to another, a person volunteered their button machine and I said I could design them. So! I’m getting started. These are still, obviously, in the first stages but I have a pretty good feeling about them so far. If you have any suggestions (or comments in general) feel free to leave them in my ask box! I’d love to hear from you! Anyways, off to find a stopping point and get back to homework. Have a great night, everyone!
Date: 2014-09-25 02:05:11 GMT

Hello Tumblrsphere!:

I suppose a blog needs somewhat of a proper introduction, so here we are. Welcome to the (un)official art blog of aspiring student and designer, Sonia Hupfeld. Here you will find a variety of posts ranging from works-in-progress to completed projects to scribbles and scratches that may or may not resemble doodling.

Feel free to peruse, and if you have any questions or comments my ask box is always open. Thank you; it’s a pleasure to meet you all.

Post on: 2014-08-19 13:39:00 GMT

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