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...After Thanksgiving, and rarely a big box store is exempt. The women of families sometimes set aside entire days just to plan out their Black Friday mapping system - which stores they will hit first, at what time, and when to break for lunch. Using the flyers sent out the week before, high-commodity items are circled, and the stores where they are... how to save money for christmas shopping

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35" square scarf is a handy investment

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...Radio promotion may be recouped from artists’ royalties, depending on contractual agreements. Distribution Costs The record companies decide on the suggested list retail price (SLRP) of each format. The SLRP helps stores to determine the discount price they charge customers and helps performers determine the price to charge to fans at gigs... how record companies make money

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Worldwiderails: A little native ingenuity has been employed at the Southern-Interstate shop facilities at Andover, VA this day in 1969. General Coal Alco S-2 number 10 has fried a traction motor, so the Andover shop crew has been enlisted to make repairs. With no operable drop pit available, the steam-powered derrick has been fired up and used to lift the unit so the rear truck can be extricated. This has required the removal of the front pilot steps and footboards to allow sufficient clearance. Trainmaster Bruce W. Baker (white shirt and hatless) is discussing the operation with Andover general foreman H.G.Valley (white hard hat and green work clothes). Number 10 was one of the earlier diesel-electrics on the Southern system, arriving from Alco in 1941 just weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The unit—then DS-6058—was sold to General Coal, the marketing arm of Westmoreland Coal Company, on July 6, 1966. Its normal assignment was kicking hopper loads of raw coal through the dumper of the transloader facility in nearby Appalachia. After dealing with a particularly heavy cut of coal a few days earlier, the unit’s rear GE Model 731C traction motor gave up the ghost. (via RailPictures.Net Photo: GC 10 Untitled Alco S2 at Andover, Virginia by Ron Flanary)
Date: 2014-01-02 19:00:34 GMT

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Adding in some new posts, and there’s a bunch of video mixed in there too!

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i said i would do it:


let us take a moment to appreciate the faces in thomas the tank engine

you may now go back to whatever you were doing

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We’ll be back on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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I’ve spent way too much time watching videos of various foreign electric locomotives and trains.  Look for some new video posts coming soon!  (And, thankfully, most of these videographers understand how to use a tripod!)

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